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Three Fabulous Ways to Beat the January Blues

January 24, 2018

Cold dark evenings, post – Christmas comedown and being broke until pay day, which couldn’t come sooner! All this can mean only one thing… It’s definitely January. Blue Monday has just passed, but January is still in full force and I am sure we are all still feeling a little deflated. Let’s work together to boost motivation because February is just around the corner! Here are three group activities you could be doing to beat the blues with your loved ones.

1. Group Exercise Classes

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Whether your New Year’s resolution is to get healthier or not, exercising is a brilliant way to boost your mood and especially at this time of year. Group exercise days are fantastically fun ways to boost motivation amongst friends and family. With January being the beginning of many people’s fitness journeys, there are plenty of deals and classes available to join up. If you find it hard to get motivated to move, try something really different like exercise raves which is like a nightclub minus the alcohol or pole dancing classes which is a great workout for the whole body.

2. Spa Days with the Girls

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Get together and chill out with your friends with a relaxing pamper day either from the comfort of your own home or in treatment rooms. Spa days which include indulging yourself with some TLC like a quality whole body Swedish massage or a reflexology treatment to relieve tension from the body. Or opt for a facial to give yourself a wonderful pick me up in such an otherwise dreary month! Not only do these types of massages relieve muscle strain and stress, the essential oils and treatments used in combination with massages for the face and body really help in detoxifying the skin leaving you glowing. This will really help you and your girlies kick start your February feeling refreshing and re-energised!

3. Volunteer

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When feeling blue, it is easy to just want to eat crap and binge on Netflix or indulging in a little retail therapy to boost your happiness. However, what will make you feel better is if you spend money on others or do some good. A study back in 2008 showed that those who spent more money on others experienced more feelings of happiness. However, January is a hard month in terms of money so why not volunteer instead? Whether is your local charity shop or kitchen, taking some time out for others can distract you from your blues whilst making someone else’s day!

If these tips don’t help, do not fret. For February is on its way, bringing pay checks and happiness!