Alternative Father’s Day Gifting Ideas!

June 6, 2019

Father’s Day is just around the corner and many are gearing up to gift and shower their father figures with attention on this special day. It got me thinking, what are the more unconventional or often missed ways of expressing your love and gratitude for that special person in your life? Here are a few alternative ways I have thought of:

Movie Madness

Got a dad in love with Hollywood action and the big screen? Think about investing in a year pass for your local cinema. These passes are usually a little more on the expensive side however your father will be able to watch the hot releases sooner than his mates! With certain cinemas, members can also enjoy perks like special releases and various discounts so he can be sure to stay ahead of the hype!

Pampering Isn’t Just for The Ladies!

Who doesn’t love to be massaged and groomed? Men also work really hard in helping to bring the bread home and I don’t know about you, but my dad loves a good moan about how his back is aching and ‘NO ONE APPRECIATES ME IN THIS HOUSEHOLD’. So, as a little token of my gratitude I thought maybe a good old pampering session? Not sure what he would like so a pampering gift voucher would allow him to have the ability to choose what he wants. This is a great idea for dads who maybe have very laborious jobs like builders or often moan about their aching joints!

Gifting to a Cause

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This is a perfect present for those dads who love to help and would prefer that over some socks! This is a lovely gifting idea to help those less unfortunate on your father’s behalf. This is also a great gift for someone who has everything, and you just cannot think of something to gift. This has also become super easy to do with companies like DonorsChoose which works through those in need of classroom supplies posting their projects online.

The Avid Traveller

Does your old man love travelling and discovering new cultures? But maybe doesn’t have a great grasp of international languages. What about a translator gadget that could help your dad immerse himself into the other cultures with ease? It’s a pricey little thing however revolutionary and compact. Of course, you could always gift a super handy translation book if they are old fashioned and love a good page turner!

Weird and Wonderful Experiences

From driving experience days for the fast and furious to axe throwing for stressed out dads, experience days are a fantastic way to make long lasting memories. Of course, there is a day for everyone, whether your old man loves cooking or building – there will be one!  Maybe think a little outside the box as well, you will be surprised at what’s out there… from hot air ballooning to a private tour of the British Museum!

These are only a selection of alternative things you could be buying your dad this year. Think about what he loves doing or what he generally likes and see if you can put a unique spin on it!