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What I Wish I Did At My Wedding!

June 11, 2019

I remember when I was planning my wedding, how stressful the whole process was! Having to organise a million things in time, including guests! When it comes to those attending your wedding, there are certain things that can escape one’s mind. Here are a few things I wish I had way back when, to make my wedding preparation easier!

So here it goes, I wish I…..

Assigned An On the Day Organiser

If you are lucky enough to have your wedding planner or organiser with you on your big day, you are super lucky. Being the bride, trying to ensure everyone was sticking to the itinerary and still make it for the first dance was stressful. Your maid of honour or chief bridesmaid is a good person to ensure nothing gets through the cracks!

Created a Guest Guide

Many of my friends and family travelled quite some way to celebrate my big day and constantly had questions about what they could do in Brighton, most made it into a short break. I  just needed a one stop shop where I could find and organise all the places related to my wedding… like they do now! It would’ve stopped me from having to repeat myself whilst trying to sort a gazillion other things out at the same time.

Made A Photo List For The Photographer

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As much as photographers are amazing, they aren’t mind readers and probably won’t know all the cute style pictures you have saved in your ‘wedding’ Pinterest board. On that note, share your ‘wedding folder’ with your photographer so he knows what style pictures you want and how to go about it!

Created More Kids Activities

Weddings and then receptions can be a hugely long day for adults let alone little ones. Kids can get restless at the alter and fidgety during the speeches. If I could go back in time, I would definitely have taken a note from Mcdonald’s and had some colouring packs or books for little ones to keep them occupied during the slower moments of the evening.

Brought Some Flats!

As much as my heels gave me a couple more inches than my parents ever did, my feet were massively in despair by the end of the celebrations. Taking a sneaky pair of white flats would’ve been a super good idea as I would’ve been able to dance the night away without any sore repercussions!

Hopefully these little mishaps from my big day will help make your day a complete success! Although… Even after all the little things, we still all had a smashing day and wouldn’t change it for the world!