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Design Trends: 2017 vs 2018

January 25, 2018

Minimalism was sooooo last year…not! Many people (myself included) still share the love and passion for all things simple and minimal. However, this year as well as the classic, I am looking forward to more colours and prints! So, I thought I would have a little wander through Pinterest and Instagram to see what people were saying and this is what I found to be hot topics for the year to come!

Warming It Up

Photo Credit: Jess Frank Art

Geometric shapes and solid, block colours were big in 2017, as these clean cut, straight edges were fab in lending themselves well to minimalist themes. However, this year it is all going to be about floral prints and warm embellishments. Autumnal retro accents like coppers, golds and browns are expected to be huge again this year. This colour palette has a moodier, throwback feel to it, but really offers some diversity compared 2017 trends of tonal greys and whiter than white interiors.

Industrial Statements

Photo Credit: Down for Decor

Marble was huge last year, from people investing in hard marble kitchen tops to those replicating the popular style using marble contact paper, an affordable and easy way to spruce up any worktop! But looking around on Instagram, there seems to be a lot of buzz around concrete this year.

Now, I never thought concrete to be an attractive surface just something durable and useful to walk around on, however some of these designs are beautiful! The signature grey combined with blue and gold accents are one of my most favourite pairings. This medium would look gorgeous in a kitchen as a counter or even coffee table top to add that little bit of industrial feel to any room.

Back to Basics

Photo Credit: Alice in Lah Lah Land

Following on from 2017, homeowners are still loving minimalist and ‘less is more’ theme. However, a new take on this style can be seen in a new trend for statement monochrome bedrooms. What I love about the resurgence of this classic look, is that it lends itself beautifully to the addition of soft floral furnishings to create an interesting yet comfortable space with depth and texture. As for bedroom staples, of course a good comfortable mattress, and you can incorporate monochrome with a jet black bed frame. Remember to keep it simple and minimal by choosing furniture with a functional purpose like clothes storage and bring your bedroom back to basics. After all, this should be a place for rest and recuperation, not an overflowing desk where you can work all night or a wall-mounted TV you can binge watch until the end of time!

Let There be Light

Photo Credit: Ashley Stark

A fantastic way to add some light into a space and create a focal point is to install statement light fittings. Last year we started to see retro lighting edging its way onto the scene, creating eye catching talking points above dining tables especially. It also became a little project for the DIY world to get stuck into with lots of fantastic budget creations.

Within the vast world of retro and vintage lighting, 2018 is to bring more homeowners wanting statement chandeliers and sconces into homes. And with sites like Etsy, finding a one of a kind item has never been easier!

These are only four hot topics I noticed, however like the seasons, interior design trends are ever changing. I am so excited to see what the future brings for interiors! We might possibly be extending our home and that means more space to play with and incorporate some of these trendy interior themes!