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Paperwork! Make Your Wedding Official

June 29, 2012

Did I just hear you groan out loud? In order to make your other half truly your other half in the eyes of the law then you need to dig out some of those important bits of paper and let some official people know about your marriage intentions.

A church wedding requires you to speak to the vicar of the church. For weddings in other religious buildings and for civil ceremonies in approved wedding venues you need to contact the person in charge of weddings at the venue. If the venue is in your own district then you can give ‘notice’ to the local superintendent registrar. If the venue is not in your district you should immediately contact the local superintendent registrar to the venue since his attendance is required for the solemnisation of your marriage. Only then should you confirm your booking of the venue! In addition to this you still have to give ‘notice’ to the superintendent registrar in your own district.

You both need to give notice at your local register office in person and you will be asked for documentary evidence to prove your name, nationality, age and address.

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