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Do It Differently- Luxury Stag Do In Cyprus

June 26, 2012

I’ve been on a couple of stag dos in my life. Both happened to be the ‘drink your body weight in beer and wake up somewhere totally unfamiliar wearing items of clothing better suited to a drag queen’ type of affairs.

It therefore came as a bit of a surprise when my mate and ‘Stag To Be’ Eric suggested getting together the usual likely lads and renting some luxury villas in Cyprus! This time not only we were going to hang by the pool and do the traditional getting drunk thing but we were going to balance it out with doing some hiking, biking and my new favourite sport…golf!

All in all, ten of us signed up for the trip. A couple of the guys whinged that it was a ‘bit girlie’ hiring luxury villas in Cyprus and threatened to pack a load of face masks in with our cycling shorts but they soon changed their tune when we got there. We all work really hard and most of us have full on office jobs. Its easy to forget how a bit of luxury, shared with some of your best mates whilst drinking a fine foreign beer can sooth a mans troubled brow.

Initially we were a little concerned about finding a luxury villa to accommodate all of us but we totally landed on our feet and found a company that gave us a couple of options. They offered us the choice of either hiring 2 villas adjacent to each other or one big one. Eric decided on one big one where we would all share rooms. The logic was that this would be more fun, keep costs down and we would hardly be in the rooms anyway as we would mostly be out and about or by the pool. `This turned out to be exactly the case.

I remember first turning up at the villa and casting my eyes on the shimmering infinity pool with an adjacent Jacuzzi overlooking the magnificent Chrysochou Bay. Scenes from James Bond immediately started to play out in my head and a feeling I could describe as either happy fatigue or blissful serenity suddenly washed over me. Just as I was picturing one of the bond girls serving me a vodka martini on my lilo, Eric rudely interrupted my train of thought by shoving a can of beer in my hand and gleefully informing me that our luxury villa in Cyprus had a Playstation! And who said dreams cant come true?

We were undisputably in heaven. The villa was spacious and modern and totally designed with luxury and relaxation in mind. The outdoor barbecue area merged perfectly by way of huge glass sliding to the open plan kitchen/diner and we sauntered merrily in and out with food and drinks all day. As we suspected, we didn’t hang out much in the bedrooms even though they were comfortable and offered amazing views. We hired a couple of cars ( two of us hired motorbikes ) and enjoyed some  amazing hiking in the surrounding hills, time on the beach playing frisbee and a day at Tsada golf course as well as some general hard core drinking and practical joking back at the villa.

On the second to last day of our holiday Eric informed us that he had taken advantage of the concierge services and had booked the ultimate luxury stag activity as a treat for us all and we were to follow in convoy to where our treat was to take place. I think it was his way of getting back at some of the guys for their initial whinging as rather than the off road safari we thought it might be it turned out to be a facial oxygen booster treatment at the local spa. Ha ha! To be honest it was pretty cool and a nice way to wind up an action packed week.

I’m planning to hire another luxury villa in Cyprus this year to have a bit of a family get together and would recommend the experience to anyone. They are really cost affective, truly luxurious and suited for honeymoons, stag and hen dos, family holidays or just about any occasion you could think of! What’s stopping you? Book now or forever hold your peace!

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