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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles For Your Wedding Day

July 6, 2012

When planning a wedding you soon discover that it can be a very stressful process and one that doesn’t allow for much sleep as your wedding date draws closer and closer. Unfortunately stress can take a dramatic toll on your appearance and the way you feel leaving you fatigued, drained, pale and with dark circles under your eyes; devastatingly – you look anything less than the blushing Bride you had envisioned for your big day.

Outsourcing a professional make-up artist can act as your security blanket if you are concerned that you may fall victim to sleepless exhaustion but no matter how amazing they can make you appear to look, they can’t change the way you are feeling. If you have already started to notice that you are feeling deflated and a little unattractive as a result then what you need is some emergency rejuvenation; luckily we have some great tips on how to get rid of dark circles.

There are various causes for suffering from these nasty shadows beneath your eyes but if it is not something you have suffered from before then it is more likely to be a result of being extremely tired or overworked which often also affects your diet so you may be suffering from nutritional imbalances without even realising.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Eat A Balanced Diet

By this we mean maintaining a healthy diet that is going to replenish the nutrients you require to give your skin that nice healthy glow you desire again; so no crash diets please – this is all about being healthy. Your body needs re-fuelling so look for foods that are going to provide you with a good source of energy like fruit and fish or meat to provide you with protein.  You may not always find a lot of time to eat a full meal on the go so be sure to keep some energising snacks on you like a handful of nuts as opposed to those scrummy chocolate bars or energy drinks that provide you with a short lived high. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever treat yourself but just start looking after your body a little more and what you put into it.


Some gentle exercise can actually provide you with more energy even though you would think it would do the exact opposite. So you do not affect your sleeping pattern too much it is best to commit to a morning exercise regime if you can. Just half an hour, even if this means you just go for a brisk walk outside which can also help you to unwind as well as reenergising yourself as it gives you time to think and clear your head. A morning stretch is also a good way to ease your muscles into the day so if you don’t fancy a vigorous activity that’s not a problem, indulge in a good thorough stretch of your body:

Stretching Exercise Tips

  • Roll your head from shoulder to shoulder
  • Make small circular motions with your shoulders
  • Circle your arms alternating their direction so you can feel a little more mobile
  • Stretch your back by laying down on your tummy, pushing up with your arms and flexing your back as far as is comfortable. Hold the position and pull back onto your knees to rest on your heels and breath
  • Point and Flex your toes – Come on, we all had some practise at ‘good toes, bad toes’ at some point of our childhood

If you are concerned you just don’t have any spare time at all then make your exercise your planning time; think about the tasks you want to assign yourself for the day, who you need to speak to and a time you want to be completed by. A deadline is a good challenge to have for motivation!


You need to find a little time to rest. Give yourself a time in the evening that you will cut off  and stop working or planning your wedding, it will still be a lovely occasion and you will look lovelier for giving yourself a break. Plan some ‘you’ time:

  • Have a bath or shower to relax your muscles
  • Chill on the sofa with your life partner to be – Yes it is okay to sit down, we insist!
  • Read a book or do something that will distract you and change your focus
  • Give yourself a bed time regime as this will help your body to come to terms with the fact that it is time to relax and sleep. Get into a pattern even if this means you just cleanse and tone your face which you should do anyway, as this will help to refresh your skin and complexion
  • Invest in a good night cream as these are much richer than your day creams and some are designed to re-hydrate your skin overnight. Look for ones with natural ingredients and less alcohol as these will be more gentle on your skin

The Wedding Eve and Honeymoon Beauty Pamper

It is very easy for fatigue to hit you again when nerves begin to set in the night before your wedding when you unfortunately can’t guarantee a good night’s sleep and so those dark circles creep up again. The night before your wedding you will probably have enough luggage with dresses, shoes, make-up and hair essentials as well as probably already having packed for your honeymoon. Avoid packing yet another suit case as opposed to hang luggage by investing in some travel size toiletries as these can save you a lot of space. As these are smaller it means you can fit one or two luxury pamper treatments into your overnight bag so you can ensure you indulge in a little relaxation both the night before your wedding and on your honeymoon. You could even invest in a little something for you and your partner to enjoy together such as relaxing bath and massage oils.

So eat well, exercise and relax a little so you can feel rejuvenated, energised and be content with your wellbeing for your wedding day.

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