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What To Take On Your Beach Destination Honeymoon

May 28, 2012

Wedding bells are in the air, you have your whole wedding planned and you are on your way to being completely organised with everything booked and paid for. Your honeymoon is booked to go to the most picturesque and beautiful place possible with amazing beaches and sun! But what about your suitcase?

There are so many different things to consider when you are packing to go on holiday.

1. What should you wear on the plane in case you have to strip and go through security?

2. What size hand luggage are you allowed to take on the plane as well as what items are you allowed in it?

3. Checking the weight of your suitcase so you don’t have to pay extra.

4. What type of security should you put on your suitcase in the way of pad-locks? If airport security wanted to get in your suitcase, it is easier for you to put on a lock that they can get into rather than them bust open the suitcase and destroy the lock. Because hey, who wants to find all of their smalls going round on a conveyor belt for everyone to see?

My Advice – Pack Smart! Pack only the things that you need. I have listed all the things that are must haves in your suitcase for a beach Honeymoon.

Casual dresses are needed for long walks along the beach and day trips out that you may go on. If you are planning to do a bit of sightseeing or shopping, a nice casual dress will keep you cool in the heat, and still be a nice dress for you to wear when you go for lunch.

Have a sparkle in your eye in the evenings and take along pretty evening dresses or evening wear so you can dress up for your hubby when you go out for dinner in the evenings. Take a pair of heels, it makes your legs look longer and gives you better posture! Men love heels! Don’t forget a little evening clutch bag to carry your bits in.

It gets cold in the evening and temperatures drop. A small cardigan will help you to stay warm in the evenings when there is that extra breeze.

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Show off your body and pack a bikini. A beach honeymoon means it will be hot and you are sure to get a suntan! Most will want to get a suntan all over, rather than just arms and legs, so take a bright bikini to go home a luscious brown. Pack a more revealing bikini to get maximum exposure. Your husband will love you for it!

It’s your honeymoon; it is bound to be full of lots of ‘fun things’ you and your husband get up to. Pack some sexy lingerie and get intimate with a little bit of extra fun on your honeymoon. It’s a must!

You will need to carry all of your bits down to the beach or pool, so a casual beach bag is a must have for your holiday. Within it, pack the essentials, a book, sun cream, sunglasses, towel and a hat.

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I hope I have given you enough ideas to get you packing your essentials for your holiday. For more ideas on what to pack for your honeymoon check out my holiday packing guide for more packing tips!

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