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Hen Party Pamper Packages Brighton

May 17, 2012

Hen Party Julia Tenney - Flickr.comSo the time is nearly upon you to walk down the aisle have the most beautiful, spectacular day in the history of wedlock but before that momentous day there is a little gathering you might be having called your hen party, a refined and classy event…nah it’s your last night of freedom so we all know it’s going to get filthy which is fine but don’t get dirty and by that I mean get yourself all pampered before you hit the town so look as great as you feel.

Because your hen night is such an important event you want to feel extra special because for the next few months maybe years you’ll have wedlock blinkers and hitting the town might not be on the top of your to do list. So you have to make sure it counts and by making sure you always remember your hen party night you can get yourself a nice little spa treatment prior to the festivities! This is such a genius idea and I’m surprised it hasn’t been utilised properly before because if I was a bride to be I know I would want to do this! Anyway back to reality…getting all your hens together and having a nice pampering session is a great starter to your day, you can all get facials, messages –local or full, get your hair done, get your make up and finishing touches as well pedicures. All this means you can feel fantastic as well as relaxed before your big day tomorrow and your even bigger night. The other great aspect of getting a bit of special pampering with your hens is that you are preparing and protecting your skin for what is about to hit it during the night. When I say this I mean the alcohol you are going to consume damages the skin as it is effectively a poison but having a good skin care service prior to it makes your skin more resilient to spots, blemishes or other unspeakable situations that can not arise on the day of your wedding. So you can be rest assured no matter how hard you hit it the night before no one else will be able to tell apart from you because you’ll look glowing!

So if having a bit of a pampering session on your hen night sounds like a good idea think about doing a bit of research on spa services in your area or if you want to make it extra crazy head down to Brighton! You know it sounds cool so find out more about hen party pamper packages Brighton now!…and also congratulations on your engagement!

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