The Best Weekend Getaway

February 15, 2016


Hello my lovelies! What a weekend I have had, filled with endless treats and relaxation. It felt as though this weekend was my first chance to truly relax since Christmas. January kept me busy, or rather I kept myself busy to distract myself from all of the grey. I’m so glad to see the back of it and finally feel the glimmers of spring beginning to shine through. February brings with it two of my favourite days of the year, minus Christmas and my birthday of course; Pancake day and Valentines! So, the last week has kept me ever so happy and given me good reason to share my eventful few days.

It’s very rare for me and the hubby to take spontaneous weekend trips away; we holiday once a year but that’s always planned well in advance so we can book in cat sitters and such. Generally our social lives are too jam packed to find the time to sneak away either. So when considering what to purchase my dear husband for Valentines, I decided to just buy him a nice new shirt and a bottle of bubbly to share along with my full attention and devotion for the day. He however had other ideas, which I of course had no clue about whatsoever.

Come Friday evening, he returned home from work early and presented me with two packed weekend bags. My first thought was, this is absolutely lovely and I’m so thrilled but oh my goodness there is no way he has packed everything I need into that bag. So after a quick dash around the house to collect all of my weekend essentials, I was ready to be rushed off for my break away.  Throughout the car journey I continued to question where it was we were going but my queries were returned with no answer, he was really dedicated to keeping it all surprise. Instead he encouraged me to relax and enjoy being taken care of.

The journey roughly lasted two hours when we eventually pulled up to a very grand looking hotel, fit for a queen may I add. We were located in the Hampshire countryside just outside of London and stayed for two nights in total. The hotel was extremely lavish and like nothing I have ever experienced before. I certainly welcomed it with open arms and soon got used to the luxury.  Our room was equipped with a four poster bed, walk in wardrobe and an ensuite with both a bath for two and wet room. No detail had been spared, champagne was ready on arrival along with posh nibbles (canapés some would say). The mattress was a dream. I can only think to describe it as a marshmallow offering endless comfort. After two of the best nights sleep I’ve ever had, I’m considering treating myself to a Tempur mattress, I almost can’t resist at this point. We did not however spend the whole weekend in our room despite how tempting that may have been.

The weekend was full of exciting food, copious amounts of alcohol and lazy spa days.  After a dinner of steak and red wine on arrival Friday, we woke Saturday morning with a spring in our step ready for the day ahead. My very organised partner had rented us bikes for the morning and planned a Hampshire bike trail to follow. It was glorious, although a little over cast to begin with the sun soon shone through. I have to say it tested my fitness and awoken me to the realisation, I’d eaten too many pancakes and done far too little exercise recently. Despite these challenges I pushed through and rewarded myself with a pub lunch consisting of Rose wine and a gourmet burger. Oops.

Overall the weekend was just perfect, and we finally got to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. It really highlighted how important quality time with your partner is.  We re-ignited the spark and during those few days it truly felt like we were back in honeymoon mode again. It’s such a shame we have to wait another year for it to happen all over again (if I’m lucky). I hope you all celebrated in style, be it with your partner or loved ones. Love to you all!

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