Baby Showers: Do’s and Don’ts!

January 29, 2016


Being the age that I am,  a lot of my dear friends are expecting their first babies! I’m now well and truly a baby shower regular and I’d like to think I’m quite the expert. I felt it necessary to share my experience in the hope that you guys won’t make any slip ups when it comes to organising the perfect, most memorable, baby shower for a beloved friend and mother to be.

Allow the grandmother to join in

My own mother often talks to me, although I’m certain it’s more ‘hinting’, about what it will be like when I have my first child. The general theme of the conversation is how much she can’t wait to be involved, and this includes the baby shower. I never quite understand why the grandmother-to-be is often left out of organising such an event. They are going to be just as excited and eager to be involved as your friends are, so drop them a line and find something to keep them busy. A great idea is to pin point what the grandmother is good at or enjoys. For example, if she’s a keen crafts lady, ask her if she’d like to make some fun decoration bunting.

It’s 2016, let the dad be part of the fun!

Similar to not leaving the grandmother out of plans and ideas, what about the dad? I’m a strong believer that times have well and truly moved on. Simply assuming the dad and his friends would not want to be a part of the event is so very old fashioned. This is such an exciting time for him too, he’s going to be a dad! I know if I was in the position, I would love my hubbie to be by my side as we celebrate the up and coming birth of our first child!

Do not let it drag on too long

You may be full of energy and ready for a full length party but do not forget your dear friend is about to pop, this isn’t like the university days where you’d be on the wine before even turning up to her place! A nice long afternoon is the kind of vibe I have found works best, not early morning till late at night. Eat a little, share gifts, have time to chat and catch up then engage in a fun activity. One of my very close friends arranged for us all do a yoga session before we over indulged on cake and treats, it worked so well and we all left feeling relaxed and content.

Mocktails it is!

Just another reminder that this isn’t like the hen party! I have been to baby showers where alcohol has been offered and there has not been an issue as such, but I do find it’s an unnecessary and expensive option. The internet is bursting with fabulous inventive mocktails for you and your loved ones to enjoy, a lot of which you’d never know didn’t contain a drop of the special stuff. It’s incredibly trendy to serve drinks in alternative quirky containers, so think about how you can add an element of style with jam jars or traditional tea cups for example.

Be inventive with your gifts

If you and your friends are well organised and able to communicate regularly, a joint gift is a great option. Clubbing together will allow for one big, exciting gift, because there’s more money behind it. If you know of something the family will really make use of but can’t afford it solely on your own, get as many others involved as possible. A potential idea is to club together to buy a jewellery charm, something she will always remember her best friends bought her to mark this momentous occasion. As well as gifts, encourage everyone to bring along a little something to set the mood. Fresh flowers are a favourite of mine, also candy and chocolate (because the Instagram pictures will just look so cute). Another cute favourite is to make themed cakes and baby shower biscuits. This is something you and your girlfriends can do before the event or maybe even during! Depends how messy you are in the kitchen.

Happy baby showering! The most important thing is that you all remember why you are celebrating, and what a special momentous occasion this is for your friend and her new family. Show your support and excitement and the mother to be is sure to enjoy the occasion and remember it for years to come.

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