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Preparing My Spring Wardrobe

March 10, 2016


Source: D. Williams

It’s fast approaching that time of year again; Spring is coming. The transition from Winter to Spring requires you to brave less layers and embrace a little more colour. It’s time to put the heavier clothing to one side and welcome the lighter fabrics. Avoid having to go through the traumatising process of clearing your winter wardrobe and spending at least an hour complaining about having nothing to wear on the first sunny day of April. Be prepared and you’ll stride into spring with no wardrobe worries.

I’m so ready to feel the warmth of the sun and enjoy Sunday afternoons in the garden. I do however know how difficult it can be to take those layers off; they almost become a safety blanket that protects and hides the few pounds you’ve been storing throughout the colder months. This year I’m determined to be far more prepared and I’m already getting excited having made a few new purchases. I started with some nail varnish (before the clothes come the accessories). I can certainly justify the smaller purchases without being questioned too much by the hubby!  I’ve bought a beautiful Givenchy vintage pink in rose, and it’s truly divine. I fell in love instantly and since haven’t stopped thinking about how great it will look alongside my new spring themed wardrobe. I didn’t stop at nail varnish as I also treated myself to some vintage earrings. Long earrings are set to make a big come back throughout the sunny months of 2016. I’ve heard the bigger and brighter, the better. My green art deco inspired ones certainly fit into that category, now I’m just hoping for an occasion to wear them to! Nothing yet, but nothing wrong with a woman being prepared, not to mention it means I must buy something to match them to avoid creating any waste.

Having browsed the shops and eyed up my next potential buys, I can see my spring wardrobe looking full of colour and floral patterns already. It appears the trend for the slip on chiffon dress is all the rage too, and it certainly seems like the effortless look is one to watch out for this spring. It’s all about elegance without looking like you spent too long on the outfit. The traditional English ruffled sleeve incorporating a little lace is another perfect way to achieve this look.  Stay classic with off white ruffles and lace, saving the bursts of colour for the long Saturdays in the sun with the girls.

If there is one accessory that I couldn’t live without during Spring, it has to be my sunglasses. Nothing says you are ready for Summer more than wearing a pair of sunglasses; we English folk don’t care if we’re still wearing a hat and scarf, because the sunglasses represent good things to come, so we will wear them. Invest in a good pair that suit your face shape and you’ll look fabulous whatever the weather. May I add how great they are when trying to maintain your very busy schedule after a tipple the night previous.  All in all, I’m terribly excited, the last week has filled me with promise of warmer days to come, and as much as I love the comforts of winter, I’m so ready for change. Take care my lovelies.

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