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Easter Holidays: Keeping the Kids Entertained

March 16, 2016


Source: Michael W. Gray

Keeping the kids entertained over the Easter holidays can seem daunting, especially with so many fun family activities on offer and so little time to do everything. As such, it could very well be up to you, as a responsible adult, to put together an entire itinerary for the Easter break. Don’t panic though, as there’s plenty of ideas for both some home-made fun and exciting days out across the UK.

So where do you start? Aim for a combination of top UK family-friendly destinations, as well as some home-spun fun activities. To top it all off, you’ll also want some rest days to ensure you don’t wear yourself, or the rest of the family, out. Once you’ve got your ratios correct, the next step is choosing those all-important ingredients!

Days Out

Memorable days out will be in abundance over the Easter period, and you’re also likely to find some great deals and discounts on your usual tolls. In particular, attractions aimed at families push some excellent Easter offers, most of which you’d have very little chance of finding at any other time of the year. Landmarks like the Eden Project or Stonehenge will also be available as package deals which include travel and accommodation if necessary.

There’s also no reason your day out can’t become a weekend away. UK resorts are popular all around the country, and they are also likely to be offering deals around and over the Easter break. Resorts are most suitable for Easter holidays because they offer plenty of child-friendly activities, whether it’s the high-flying rollercoasters of Alton Towers, or the natural wonders of Longleat Safari.

Deals and discounts for these attractions will likely either be in partnership with big brands on popular products, which’ll mean doing a bit of investigation work during your next big shop. There’s usually a wide range of brands offering deals, coupons and promotional codes which can help save you money on your Easter plans. The alternative is trawling voucher sites, such as Money Supermarket or Groupon, for the latest deals.

Home Plans

Whilst you’ll want to pepper your Easter break with some big days away, there’s also plenty of opportunity to create fun, Easter-themed activities at home which will keep children entertained and active during the holidays. Granted, they’ll need that exercise due to all the extra chocolate eggs they’ll be eating, but it makes for great motivation.

The traditional Easter egg hunt is a great place to start. Hide some colourful Easter treats around your home, garden, and even on your street if you want to widen the scale of the hunt. A good friend of mine during School lived next to the woods, so one year our hunt literally took us into the wilderness! Be imaginative, and make sure you provide a challenging experience to keep them busy all afternoon.

Keep the fun going beyond the Easter egg hunt and round the day off with some child-friendly party antics. Make sure you have all the hallmarks of a good children’s party, including food, drinks, snacks, and a safe place to tuck into all the eggs they found. Keep the party on point with a themed photo cake, party bags for every attendee, and a reward for the person who finds the most Easter eggs.

Religious Observation

Easter is a time of significant celebration for many, and whether you hold religious beliefs or not, you can get involved and also keep the children entertained by celebrating Easter the way many Christians do; attending a church service. These are usually very popular over Easter, as many casual Christians observe the holiday, which creates a fantastic atmosphere and can help broaden your children’s understanding and tolerance of religious beliefs.

You can also observe these celebrations without setting foot in a church. Local community organisations often organise events, most of which are based around religious observations, and invites are usually open to anyone. These also provide great opportunities to forge better relationships within your community.

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