New Year… New Interior!

October 30, 2018

We may be a while away from the new year however, judging by the rate this year has flown – I am all up for forward planning. Yes, I am already thinking about how I am going to transform my house in the new year! I have been *explicitly* hinting to my other half for quite some time about getting an extension however, my efforts have gone unnoticed. So, working with my current home in the meantime, I have put together a list of things I want to be sprucing my home with in the new year!

All in the detail

A super easy and inexpensive way to freshen an interior is to update smaller furnishings like door handles, light switches and even coasters. Little things really do make a difference! I have come across some beautiful statement drawer and door handles which can be on the pricier side however, they would be beautiful little accents on a row of drawers.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Plants, Plants… Plants!

The more I browse through Pinterest, the more excited I am to decorate my home with plants, even though I am not all that green-fingered! Not only are they great for your health but there are some beautiful types of plants that are super easy to maintain. My faves are African Violets and Donkey tails! One of my new year resolutions (yes, I’m very prepared) is to be less stressed and having plants around to purify the air and reduce outside noise will definitely help me be more calm and collected!

Statement Art

I have never considered art in my home before however, I have a new-found love for it! Usually I would opt for a statement sofa or piece of furniture, but I want a real talking point for my living room now which got me thinking of framed art. Of course, originals are way out of my budget but I have found some Damien Hirst prints and some contemporary art pieces which would look brilliant on my overly bare wall.

Soft furnishings

Think fluffy cushions, draping curtains and cosy throws because that is where I am going with this. Soft furnishings do really well in adding depth and more dimension to a space. Textured cushions and patterned furnishings are also a great way to add little something different to an interior as a smaller statement.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Lick of paint

This may be the biggest job out of all my ideas as we will need to move furniture, but nothing says brand new than a fresh lick of paint. We currently have a purple feature wall in our bedroom and I want to make it all white to brighten and lighten the space. Here is another place I plan on incorporating some art but nothing too crazy, thinking of a calming scenery piece as a bedroom is a space for relaxation.

Here are only a few ways I hope to transform my home, without an extension. Although, that is next on my list… Hopefully I will get hubby to agree soon! In the meantime, smaller accents and little changes can help you feel so much lighter and refreshed without splurging toooooo much!