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Five Easy Steps to a Momentous Modest Wedding!

November 6, 2018

Weddings are often extravagant affairs. But whilst the idea of celebrating your big day in A-lister fashion may sound like the wedding of your dreams, it often requires an A-lister budget and can lose that unique touch of personalisation that makes it your special day.

So today, we’re offering five easy steps to help you achieve a momentous modest wedding. From the venue to the dress, following these tips will help achieve the wedding that celebrates that special bond between you and your partner, remaining stylish and unforgettable without breaking the bank with over-the-top glitz and glamour.

Find the dress that’s right for you

First thing’s first – the dress. Disney princess movies old and new will tell you that no wedding is complete without that extravagant ball-gown wedding dress, but what if that style is just not for you?

It’s important to remember that when searching for your dream dress, it’s all about what feels right. After all, you’ll be looking back at pictures from your big day for the rest of your life, so be sure to pick a dress that suits your personality and style.

If you prefer a simpler look, it’s important to remember that understated doesn’t mean boring. Modest wedding dresses that favour classic cuts and fabrics will project breathtaking beauty in a more authentic way through emphasising the natural beauty of the bride. If you prefer a touch of sparkle, that’s fine, too!

Embellish with jewellery for stylish sophistication

The modest wedding dress can be complemented subtly with jewellery for stylish sophistication. From vintage earrings to second-hand necklaces, finding that perfect accessory is a great way to subtly add the finishing touch to your wedding attire, without it all feeling a little too over-the-top.

Perhaps you’re following a modest style on cultural grounds, in which case the addition of jewellery can be used to complement cultural wear like hijabs, ensuring your outfit is understated whilst still being set apart from the rest.

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Size doesn’t matter

Second only to the dress, the venue is a fundamental part of any wedding. But yet again, this often means that the choice of setting is motivated by a need to show off the biggest and fanciest backdrops possible.

Instead, consider a rustic setting for a modest yet unforgettable wedding venue. Barns offer a stylish function space and are often provide breathtaking landscapes, offering great opportunities for photos set amongst a natural outdoor space.

Escaping the restrictions of pre-designated venues can also offer the opportunity for a little personalised TLC. Consider a venue that will let you put your own stamp on it, whether it be with the table lay-out or room design, for a subtle extra way to tailor your big day to your taste.

Pick simple food 

On that note, why not try your hand at a more personalised menu, too? Whilst wedding caterers strive to replicate that fancy, up-market dining experience, a DIY approach to the food ensures you and your guests are happy – without all the unnecessary pretentiousness.

Choosing a quirky food van or simply providing buffet-style catering means your guests will be suitably satisfied in terms of dining options, leaving them free to enjoy the rest of your wedding day and meaning you don’t need to worry.

Get crafty

Trying your hand at making your own wedding decorations is a great activity to enjoy with your spouse-to-be, whilst adding that personalised touch to your venue.

From handmade place names and favours to thoughtfully placed fairy lights and lanterns, a DIY approach to decorating is a marvellous modest way to add simplistic beauty to your venue. Not only that, but it’s a great way to cut costs if you’re marrying on a budget!

Following these five easy steps will help you achieve a momentous modest wedding that’s inspired by you and your partner, avoiding all the unnecessary grandiosity of the extravagant modern wedding and instead creating a day that emphasises its true purpose – the celebration of the love shared between you and your partner.

 Author bio:

Abi Proud is a content creator for AbayaButh – retailers of abayas, hijabs and a range of modest Islamic clothing for women.