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How to Stay Cold-Free in Autumn

September 13, 2018

Image Credit: Alex Geerts on Unsplash

It is very nearly that cosy time of year again! The leaves are turning a burnt orange, the branches almost bare and most importantly, it is acceptable to purchase the infamous pumpkin spice latte. This can only mean one thing… Autumn has arrived! I love this season, long walks on a crisp Sunday morning and kicking big piles of leaves because, why not. However, whilst enjoying the great outdoors you could catch a cold even if you are wearing your snuggliest, warmest jumper. I have put together a few little tips to help you keep in tip top condition, so you can enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

Sweater Weather

I’ve mentioned this already, but I am going to say it again to make sure you remember to embrace this wonderful opportunity to layer up! Personally, I love wearing oversized jumpers as not only does it hide all the chocolate I have consumed, but it will help keep your core warm which is key to avoiding the dreaded cold. I am already seeing the beautiful Autumn colour palette on the high street, lots of mustard jumpers and burgundy jackets around which look so nice and snug!

Vital Minerals

Your immune system needs all the help it can get when it is cold. Ensure your body is up to scratch by eating a balanced diet – soup is the perfect remedy for a cold day. Chicken and leek is my favourite concoction with some seeded bread! Of course, you can purchase over the counter vitamins that can help you that little bit extra to support your immune system.

Warm Beverages

Image Credit: Gades Photography on Unsplash

Who doesn’t like to snuggle up in front of the telly on a cold evening sipping on some tea? I, for one, love it! If you are unfortunate enough to have caught the sniffles, tea is a wonderful treatment to help soothe the symptoms. It is an age-old balm that helps loosen up your chest, mucus and any other nasties to help reduce congestion. Black and green tea are highly recommended as they contain antioxidants which helps to keep your immune system strong.

Medicine Cupboard

Sometimes a good old cuppa may not be the right remedy, if you’re looking for something stronger. When your cold has been hanging around for a while and shows no signs of leaving, you might need to take a trip to your local pharmacy or see your GP. Sometimes, if your loved one doesn’t like taking tablets or needs something a little stronger they might be prescribed unlicensed medicines in liquid form. This is also a great solution for kids who can’t or refuse to take tablets after spending a little too much time kicking the leaf piles and collecting twigs.


Image Credit: Takahiro Sakamoto on Unsplash

When it is cold and you have a cold, this is the laaaast thing you want to be doing however, the benefits can have your immune system feeling strong and happy sooner! Moderate exercise and breaking a sweat can help you temporarily relieve congestion, which will in turn help you move through your common cold a little easier. You could always wrap up warm and head outside for a walk which sounds a bit backwards, but it is good to get your blood pumping. Ensure you stay hydrated and warm though, we don’t want you feeling any worse!

In summary, stay warm, get your vitamins and move around a little! I hope these tips help you stay stylishly warm and healthy as we move into the most beautiful time of the year.