Top 5 Destinations for a Sunny Holiday in Winter

September 29, 2015

Whether it’s the impending British winter driving you away, or the constant requirement for a break in the sun all year round, some places in the world never let up on that seemingly evasive summer sun, even during the dreaded winter months. This might seem like a luxury, but there’s many countries that benefit greatly from a stream of visitors from usually colder climates, mostly in Europe.

Whilst the festivities and cheer of the Christmas season are always very welcome and enjoyable, they also commonly bring the cold and sleet along with it. So where can you go to carry on that summer sun from November to February?


Mexico itself is an almost all year round sunny climate, perfect for visiting in the winter months. Particularly, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, near Belize, is a beautiful tropical location with sandy beaches, with a mix of historical settings and busy modern cultural centres.

There’s also plenty of activities to enjoy in the sun. Fishing is a very popular past-time in Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula, as is surfing. If you’re into history, there’s frequent tours of areas which have historical significance.

The Maldives

As an area of significant beauty, there is almost no bad time to visit The Maldives. These little islands are far away from hustle or bustle, and perfect for anyone looking for a completely chilled-out time relaxing in the sun on a picturesque beach.

The climate of The Maldives is a sun seekers dream come true, with all year-round summer weather, even deep into December. You could choose to stay in a resort, or opt for a more secluded island with only the turtles to keep you company.


Ironically, Cyprus is located in Europe, but that doesn’t mean the island is affected by the usual bout of winter coldness. Its location near to the Mediterranean Sea means temperatures are always warm here. Whilst locals may think the low point of 15 degrees is cold, we British probably feel it would be a blessing to have a low point of 15 degrees!

There’s also plenty of places from which to enjoy this gorgeous weather. Cyprus is home to a splendid choice of sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant locales ranging from sleepy villages to bustling cityscapes. The people are also especially friendly, always keen to help out visitors and provide a great experience for all who pass through Cyprus. For the best experience, book yourself into one of the many luxury villas to rent in Cyprus and enjoy the weather in style.

Rio de Janeiro

The carnival capital of the world is set to be especially popular within the next year, owing to the arrival of the Olympic Games in 2016, which will draw in people from all over the world into the famous Brazilian city.

Temperatures rarely fall below 18 in this beautiful climate, which in turn has inspired Rio’s sunny obsession with music, beaches, and football. It is the second largest city in all of Brazil and houses the world’s largest carnival, complete with giant floats, flamboyant outfits and samba until the early morning.


Australia is a natural paradise, with gorgeous climates all year round and plenty to see and do for all types of travellers, ranging from a trip through the untamed outback or several nights staying in one of Australia’s bustling cities.

Australia is treated to an average of 270 sunny days a year, with the North being the most favourable climate for all year round sunshine. These conditions make for perfect BBQ’ing weather, as is the legendary Australian tradition.

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