These Alternative Bed Frames Slay… Literally

October 16, 2017

There comes a time when you just can’t sit comfortably in the same room anymore. When it gets colder and darker outside, overly loud or vibrant furnishings can create an uncomfortable and unsettling sleep experience. You’ve probably looked to change your furnishings in the past – you repainted or re-papered the walls, you bought new furniture (desks, cabinets, drawers) you even changed the sheets and curtains to suit the new mood…but still, something wasn’t right. You didn’t even think for a second that it was your bed that could be throwing off the ambience.

Some beds simply aren’t suited to particular rooms or surroundings, so much so that they can actually have the adverse effect.

That’s where alternative bedframes come into the picture, or frame, if you will.

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/bed-pillow-room-house-home-lamp-2591524/

Sleigh Beds

These beds slay… literally. Well, not literally. But you get the idea.

Sleigh beds are stunning beds that take their inspiration from ancient Rome and Greece. They take their name from the curved or scrolled feet that give the bedframe its ‘sleigh’-like appearance. Traditional sleigh beds used to be made exclusively from wood, giving them a luxurious, sophisticated style that would add enormous charm to a bedroom. Nowadays, modern technology and master craftsmen are able to create gorgeous sleigh beds from a range of materials that can add even more versatility to your dream bedroom design.

It’s simple, isn’t it? You buy a bed and you plunk it square in the middle of your bedroom. Then you’re set for…life, supposedly?

Day Beds

It might come as a surprise that one of the hottest emerging design trends doesn’t come from the fashion catwalks of Paris or Milan, but from the rise of one of the latest interior design features – the daybed.

Underwhelming. Right?


The daybed is the cosy, relaxing hideaway you never knew you needed.

In recent years the daybed has seen an enormous increase in popularity and shows no sign of slowing down. For those unfamiliar, a daybed is a juxtaposition between a chaise lounge and a sofa, creating a ‘daybed’ that can be used for mid-day naps, relaxing reads or as a bed for unexpected guest stays. You have a number of design options depending on the size and style of the room.

Some day beds look best sat right in the middle of a bedroom or boudoir. Others compliment bays, or corners of a bedroom to tuck away as a cosy cabin day beds. Because day beds are likely to be used often, by a number of different people then you’re best off getting a metal bed frame that can accommodate a range of motion from people in many different shapes and sizes.

Half Poster

The less imposing, more impressive cousin of the four-poster bed frame. Half posters are a gorgeous twist on the traditional figure four poster that you’ll have seen in classical bedrooms and give a range of options for people that don’t have the luxury of overly spacious bedrooms. When positioned correctly and thoughtfully placed to accompany the surrounding furnishings they can look absolutely incredible.

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds probably aren’t your best bet if you’re designing your own bedroom. It wouldn’t be surprising if you were to walk into a room and didn’t notice one. That’s because Ottoman beds live inside ordinary footrests and can spring out at a moment’s notice (not of their own accord) to create a comfortable, efficient sleeping space. So, I’d avoid if you’re trying to design your dream bedroom, but I’d definitely consider one if you’re designing a guest bedroom, or you’re feeling constricted by space. The Ottoman works best when used in a space that isn’t always being used as a bedroom.

There you have it!

Don’t feel constricted by the standard panel bed, there’s a bed out there waiting for you. You just never knew it existed!