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Start The Year With A Mind And Body Detox

January 22, 2019

It’s that time of year again when our attention shifts to looking at ways to improve our health and wellbeing after a period of indulgence. Detoxing isn’t just about getting into the gym, clocking up some extra steps or ‘eating clean.’ With all the winter bugs that are prevalent at this time of year and the onset of January blues, here are some additional detox ideas for not just the body but also the mind that could be just the physical or emotional pick me up that is needed at this time of year.

Mind Cleansing.

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The mental and physical benefits of meditation – the act of mindfulness and focus on objects or activities – are well documented, including stress reduction, sleep improvement, anxiety reduction and pain control. The stresses and strains that come with kicking off a new year present good reasons to introduce meditation into your daily routine. Effective meditation doesn’t need take up all your time – just 10 minutes of ‘time-out’ can reap positive results in cleansing your mind. To make it easy, there’s an array of meditation apps available that can help you introduce mindfulness into your daily routine.

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Mind Detox.

I’ve read and heard a lot of good things about mind detoxing which involves a long term commitment either through self-practice using guidelines or with the support of a qualified practitioner. The practice involves going through a process of discovery that identifies mind-based triggers of physical, emotional and life difficulties, the causes of which may not be so evident to us in our everyday lives. The Mind Detox process is said to reduce negative emotions, improve confidence and increase energy levels.

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Lymphatic Drainage.

Your lymph nodes are an important part of your body’s waste management system. Present throughout the body and a vital part of your immune system, these tiny little organs help to filter out waste and carry nutrients around the body. Lymphatic drainage massage encourages the movement of lymph fluid through the nodes by gentle rhythmic massage that accelerates your body’s cleansing ability to tackle the ailments we often experience at this time of year such as lethargy, congestion and headaches. Not only is the massage very relaxing (so it can definitely be considered as a treat), it can also help to reduce cellulite – bonus!


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Body Wrap.

I believe looking good and feeling good are synonymous, so for a treatment with immediate (but short term) results that is said to draw toxins from the body and leave you instantly looking and feeling slimmer, a detoxifying body wrap may be just the ticket. I think this is a great option for anyone feeling a bit ‘weighty’ after recent festivities who wants to feel refreshed or who may need to squeeze back into a dress for a new year’s special occasion!

A body wrap literally involves applying a mud or clay type paste and cocooning you in plastic and towels after which you are left to relax and sweat out the toxins. What’s more a body wrap leaves the skin feeling amazingly soft and nourished, great in these winter months when heating can damage and dehydrate our skin.

There are numerous other options out there depending on your goal, but these are just some of my favourites!