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Six Unorthodox Wedding Themes Your Guests Will Never Forget

May 27, 2016

Your wedding has to be perfect. Chances are you’ve dreamt of it for years, envisioned how the day will unfold. You’ve mentally prepared: seating arrangements, the ideal wedding gifts, first dance music and more importantly – how your cake will look.

Or maybe you haven’t even given it a moment’s thought. He proposed and suddenly we’re here. The dates been set, you can tell he’s already working on his vows. You’ve even told the whole world on Facebook!

Don’t fret. Here’s six wedding themes that will go down in history with family and friends for the right reasons.

Fairy tale

A fairy tale theme is the perfect idea for last minute weddings. We all know them off by heart for starters.


It’s probably best for your guests to decide who will be who before they attend. You probably don’t want three snow whites and twenty one dwarves! Or maybe you do. Why not turn the fairy tale theme on it’s head with a modern twist. The hipster look is pretty popular, arguably indistinguishable from actual lumberjacks! All you need now is a modern twist on red riding hood and the big bad wolf – everyone loves a villain!


Takes you back, doesn’t it?

If rocking up to your wedding reception in a horse drawn carriage and a voluminous flowing dress doesn’t sound like your dream wedding then I don’t know what to say.

Taverns of ale, hog roast and gorgeous lute music will set the scene perfectly for your guests as they arrive to the banquet feast. We’re basing our medieval wedding purely on fact, not fiction – you didn’t get your ‘red wedding’ idea from me!


Modern wedding entertainment is always very much hit or miss. But court jesters don’t abide by the rules of modern entertainment, they’re firmly rooted in the 1100’s! Think clowns, but they’re actually funny and won’t keep you awake at night.

The medieval theme opens up hundreds of different opportunities for your wedding party. The bride and groom could be king and queen. The best man and groomsmen could be a tally of knights from a family house, in full attire. Bridesmaids could be princesses from lands far away. Or they could all be wandering bards from over yonder. Get creative!

Mad Men

Cigar smoke and suited boardrooms adorned the offices of 1960’s New York. Now you may be picturing corporate boredom. But as avid Mad Men fan knows, nothing is further from the truth. Better yet, the women starring in the show are just as powerful as the men!


For a start, 60’s dresses are absolutely stunning and the suits aren’t bad either. A Mad Men wedding is a stunning vintage twist on the usual wedding theme. Again, it’s one that your family and friends are unlikely to forget.

Venetian Masquerade

Taking inspiration from the Carnival of Venice, consider a Venetian masquerade theme for your big day.


You won’t have to worry about shy or awkward guests when everyone is fully dressed up, that’s sort of the point really. Knife jugglers, fire breathers and period dancers would make a truly incredible display. There are thousands of retailers for elaborate Venetian masks and dresses, you could even find your bride and groomsmen bespoke masquerade gear around a theme like V for Vendetta or Romeo and Juliet.

The Great Gatsby

It’s probably not the best place to play Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” theme from the film, but we can still take influence from the brilliant exhibition of 1920’s attire.


Plunging tunics and flapper dresses take centre stage. Of course we can’t forget about the timelessly elegant elbow length gloves. If the film is anything to go by, the 1920’s didn’t do anything by halves! It’s not every day you get to experience a truly authentic ballroom. Go all out!


Roll up, roll up!

A carnival wedding pretty much writes itself. Trapezes, fairground rides and entertainment. Candy floss, carousels and even bumper carts if you’re brave enough!


You could get really creative with carnival tickets if you wanted. Award tickets for best dressed or best speech and let them use the tickets to win prizes! If you’re not short of money, you could even go for a Ferris wheel. Now that’s something you will never forget. Remember to take lots of pictures!

Why not mix and match any of the ideas from above, you want it to be a day to remember, right? A steampunk carnival sounds pretty impressive to me!

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