Simple Tips for Healthier Living

November 26, 2015


Source: E. Jean

Life throws challenges at us all the time, and as humans, we naturally adapt, always finding new ways to persist and grow. This is our nature; we’ve been doing this for thousands of years and it has put us on top of the natural order. This is because humans are intuitive and find great pleasure, as well as success, in seeking solutions to our shared problems.

Fast forward to 2015. With no dominant position on the planet to strive for anymore, many have lost their way. A thousand years sitting on top of the food chain has made us plump and sluggish, and worse, we think we can do no wrong and continue cruising on the success of our ancestors. The truth is if we want to maintain this dominance, we’re going to have to work for it.

Best way to do this? Do what humans do best; adapt to the situation and use our common sense, logical thinking, opposable thumbs and a little bit of ingenuity to ensure our personal health and future is on the right track.

Carry a Water Bottle

Many people forget that hydration is an essential part of being healthy. Nothing hydrates a person like fresh water, and all those carbonated drinks whether diet or not just won’t get the job done like water. Doctors recommend an intake of around 100 ounces per day, and with a bottle of water always on your person, this should be easily achievable. If you can, avoid using the same plastic water bottle over and over and instead invest in something either made of metal or glass.

Stop Skipping Breakfast

When you’re a busy person, it may seem an easy decision to skip breakfast and dive straight into the day, but in skipping breakfast we are simply doing damage to both our health and waistlines. This damage also has a knock-on effect as our bodies cope poorly as the day goes on without any form of nourishment, making it much harder to concentrate and perform as we should be. Remember, breakfast doesn’t have to be sizeable like dinner should, just make sure you have something to keep you going.

Read the Label

That’s right. You need to be one of those people who reads and scrutinises the ingredients list on food packaging. Learn more about what you do and don’t want in your food and make a point not to eat anything containing the off-limits stuff. Reading the label will also give you a clearer overview of how many calories you’ve eaten in a given day; keep track of this as much as you can and it could be deciding factor in whether or not you treat yourself on a particular day.

Sleep More

Catching more sleep is an absolutely essential part of being a healthier human being. Sleep is vital for repairing our body and mind as we rest. Sleep also regulates our hormones, and can sometimes be to blame for bad eating habits if we don’t get enough. A lack of sleep could be self-imposed through poor time management or a result of external factors such as stress or interference. Whatever it is holding you back, deal with it as swiftly as possible and catch some all-important sleep whenever you can.

Ditch the Car

I’ve heard the same story from many of my friends time and time again. “I know it’s only down the road, but I thought I might as well jump in the car”. Drop this mindset and walk the extra 20 minutes to wherever you’re going. “But I’m off to get the groceries and I’m going to have too many bags to bring back”. Nonsense! Lugging those bags back will be good for you in the long run, giving you both a bit of cardio and weightlifting in the process.

Dedicate Time to Recovery

This means that you spend time looking after your body whenever it is needed, whether it’s illness, ailment, drinking, overeating, or tiredness. This involves listening to all the signals that your body is sending you and responding appropriately. Done some exercise and feeling good about it? That’s great! Now keep that feeling going with a suitable post workout recovery to ensure your body is capable of doing it again.

Improve Your Posture

Improving your posture will not only benefit how well the rest of your body works, but also improve your confidence and appearance. Take some time perfecting the ancient art of walking upright; sitting at a computer has certainly altered our ability in some respects, but it’s nothing a bit of dedication can’t beat.

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