New Beginnings With A New Living Room

January 25, 2016

Hello lovely followers. I hope you’re all well and keeping yourselves happy. I certainly have been a busy bee recently with the presence of a new year, and I’ve been hot on sticking to my new year resolutions, meaning being very healthy and pro-active. I’m also making sure I’m improving my home, as me and the hubby have been discussing a fresh look for our living room. After all, this is where we spend the majority of our time, as do a lot of you I’m sure! I’d love to share with you guys my finding’s so far, you can get the general idea of what look I’m going for. Sorry, ‘we’.


So I’ve spoken before about grey being a very trendy look right now, and admittedly, I have been going a little grey crazy. So me and hubby have agreed we shall use it as a base colour in smaller amounts. We ended up starting with the sofa, which is a definite grey. Using Pinterest, I’ve been getting my creative juices flowing.  Grey for the sofa will work for many reasons; for one it’s not going to show too many of the spills that are bound to happen over time. As much as I’d love a beautiful cream sofa, it’s simply not an option with me and my wine around, oops! Secondly, we are cat owners as many of you will know by now, the cat is thought of in all major decisions in our lives, including sofa choices. Her hair will also be well disguised, so it’s a win win.

sofa flower

Currently we have a very old grotty brown carpet down, it has served us well and has certainly seen a lot over the years. However, the time has come to pull it up and get rid of it. Underneath we have discovered an absolute treat, real wooden floorboards which seem to be in great condition. We’ll be scrubbing them up with a fresh coat of love and varnish, hoping to create a much lighter space with a modern feel but still traditional in some ways.  Of course, I’m looking into the future here and with the prospects of children not too far off, wooden floors we all know are a blessing. We’ll be taking the carpet up after the walls and ceiling are done, I’ll not be making that mistake again.


I’ve been searching for practical but still stylish storage options, there are plenty about but I found a lot were simply too large or chunky for the space we are dealing with. I’d much prefer something more streamline and less offensive. I’ve just purchased this white TV stand that comes with built in storage options. Great for hiding away wiring, remotes, consoles and everything else bulky. All the ugly bits I’d rather not see when relaxing in the evening.  We’ve chosen white again as it should give an impression of spaciousness, it also allows for bolder brighter colours to be used as accessories. As you can see in the image above they have used a bright green, we’ll be using a more mustard yellow. I feel this is comforting but also welcoming and exciting at the same time. It’s also the only colour me and hubby could agree on!


One thing I have always desired and never quite had the right opportunity to invest in is shutters. They really do add an element of sophistication and class I feel. I have a very distinct memory from being a child and visiting my great aunt, and I always did and still do regard her as woman with incredible taste.  When visiting her house as a young girl, I’d always admire her beautiful plantation shutters; they were a silky cream coloured, and during the summer months there would always be a beautiful vase of pink lily’s placed before them. With the summer breeze floating through the window it really did set the scene for a beautiful tranquil home.  I’ll feel a great sense of achievement when I own my very own shutters and can enjoy and show them off daily.

Hopefully if all goes to plan we shall have the room done come spring time. Good luck with your new year revolution’s and be sure to treat yourself too, I find sticking to my own rules is far easier when I give myself a little break!

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