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How to Choose the Perfect DJ for Your Wedding – A Guest Post From Wendy Dessler!

January 30, 2018

Not so long ago, a lovely lady reached out to me with an opportunity to write for the Honey Fund blog and since then we have been working together swapping blog opportunities. This fabulous lady is called Wendy Dessler, she is a connoisseur of all things wedding-related and I am super honoured to feature a post from the lady herself on her top tips for choosing a wedding DJ! Without further ado, take it away Wendy xoxoxoxox

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When it comes to weddings, no two are the same and all things are not created equal. There is no magic style of décor that makes every couple happy and no one style of fascinator that suits every attendant perfectly. Likewise, every DJ has his or her particular specialities and strengths.

How do you decide which DJ is perfect for your wedding? There are many considerations, and the best place to start is at your initial consultations, with some well-planned questions. When considering various DJ companies, consider asking some or all of the following:

What is your approach to handling different types of crowds? 

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Think about your wedding. What are your guests like? Do you have a mostly young, right out of college crowd who knows the best dance music and is bound to have a list a mile-long of songs they want to hear? Are your guests mostly older with less interest in dancing and more interest in familiar tunes that take them back to their own happy times? Will your best girlfriends be dressed to get down or will they have long flowy bridesmaids dresses more appropriate for ballroom dancing? The type of DJ you hire should specialize or have great familiarity with the type of music you and your crowd love.

Are you open to input from your clients? If our expectations are different from other couples, are you willing and able to adjust?

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Think about what you envision for your reception. Will you only be happy if every seat in the room is empty and every guest of every age is dancing until the wee hours of the night, or is dancing important to you at all?

Some DJs build their reputations on delivering a certain kind of party, and in some regions of the country, those reputations put them on the map and make their businesses highly competitive. Yes, there are Diva DJs who only know how to perform one way – which is great unless you want something different. Choose someone who is able to wrap his or her head around what you want for your wedding. There is no use in hiring a celebrity DJ who can’t deliver the reception of your dreams.

What is your DJ style?

Are you looking for a classy emcee who can read a crowd but subtly, from a corner? Or do you want an entertainer on the dance floor teaching Grandma the Electric Slide? If you have strong preferences, make sure you hire the one that best matches what you hope your celebration will be.

Will you honor our requests?

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Many DJs take must-play and must-not-play lists seriously and will outright tell guests that they appreciate their requests, but will honor the wishes of the couple. While it’s wise not to go crazy with these lists – allow your DJ the ability to respond to a crowd and create a great rapport that results in a full dance floor – it is reasonable to expect that your DJ will not be swayed by an enthusiastic group of ladies in turquoise bridesmaids dresses requesting the Funky Chicken and insisting that you actually love it. Make sure your DJs request policy jives with your expectations.

Can you meet venue requirements?

Most couples don’t realize that some venues require vendors to satisfy strict requirements, like carrying high value insurance policies, for example. You’ll want to know that before selecting a professional so you can look for one who is able or willing to meet the venue’s criteria.

Determine what is important to you, then ask the right questions to find your perfect wedding DJ.

Author Bio – Wendy Dessler

Wendy is a super-connector with Azazie who helps businesses with building their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. Wendy frequently writes about the latest wedding trends.