Essential Gardening Jobs For October

October 7, 2015

We’ve arrived at the autumn season; even though it feels like a long, long way away, now is the time to start planning ahead and thinking about spring. While we may not much spend time in our gardens in winter, it doesn’t mean that they should be neglected and there is plenty of work that can be undertaken during the winter months.

It is the perfect time to begin planning ahead and start planting bulbs for spring and begin constructing those little features that will ensure that your garden looks stunning and stands out next summer. It isn’t all about next year though and during the winter you have displays of evergreens to admire as well as winter flowers and attractive barks on the trees. 

Clear Your Lawn

You may have an image in your head of someone clearing leaves of their lawn with a rake, but the most effective way of getting your lawn leaf-free is actually to use a lawnmower. The lawnmower’s blades will ensure that all leaves are effectively shredded, and in turn, ensure that the leaves rot quickly.

If you have a dead tree stump or a decaying tree in your garden, this is also an idea time take care of it. While it can be tempting to take care of a dead tree by yourself, this is not usually the most effective method and, despite your husband’s protests, a tree surgeon will do a much better job. I recently had the same problem in my garden, so me and my husband ended up getting in touch with a tree surgeon in Horsham who was able to take care of it for us. I would recommend contacting a variety of tree surgeons using a tree surgeon directory and getting a free estimate.

Get Your Compost Moving

When the weather is colder the rate at which items decompose naturally decreases and that is why it is essential to turn your compost’s contents in order to encourage it to rot down quicker. I would suggest turning the contents as often as possible and stirring it regularly. 

Protect Your Sensitive Plants

If you have some plants that are a little more tender and sensitive, then now is the time to bring them inside before they fall victim to frost. If you have a greenhouse, then this is the obvious place to put your plants during the winter. I would advise not giving them too much water over the winter so that they don’t grow too quickly.

Just because the plants may be out of sight during winter, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore them completely. It is important to keep an eye on them throughout the winter, cutting off any dead leaves and flowers before they begin to rot and spread to the rest of the plant.

Get Ready For Spring

If you have neglected getting some containers kitted out with some spring colour, this is a perfect time to plant some bedding plants. I have had great success with this in the past and would suggest keeping them in a sheltered spot in order to protect them during the colder spells.

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