Christmas Gifts for Parents: How to Treat Mum and Dad

November 11, 2015

Source: Jack Persson

I’m very lucky to have a wonderful relationship with both my parents. They have supported me through tough times, helped me achieve the wedding I dreamed of, as well as the beautiful house that I live in with my husband. They’ve done so much for me that the prospect of ever being able to pay them back is both frightening and exciting at the same time. I’ve come to the conclusion that over time I will show my appreciation accordingly, and what better time to start things off than at Christmas?

I’ve said many times before that I get very excited around this time of the year. I love Christmas, and having my family all together for a merry round of drinking and eating copiously is a luxury I look forward to each Christmas. My parents love it too, but this year I’ve been looking at ways I can truly show my appreciation; so if you really want to reward a loving mother or father this Christmas, I have some excellent suggestions.

Experience Days

The concept of experience days have been around for a long time, and they can be the perfect way to spoil someone with specific tastes. The greatest benefit of an experience day is that it can be almost anything, from racing a high-powered sports car around a mile-long racetrack, engaging in a 30 minute 747 jumbo-jet flight simulator, or an afternoon cruising leisurely down the Thames whilst enjoying a glass of champagne.

Spa Treatment

Nothing beats the spa treatment, in which a lucky person(s) is pampered and primed with luscious lotions and bath salts which both sooth and alleviate all ailments. My parents are great as always, but like many older people they certainly do complain a whole lot about their ‘tennis elbow’ or reoccurring back-pains. Hence, I feel a relaxing spa treatment could be the perfect gift. If you’re not so keen on an entire spa day, you can always choose to spoil them with a range of spa gifts to use at home.


Gift vouchers are a criminally under-looked around Christmas time, which is a shame because they offer variety which almost no other gift can. My personal favourite are restaurant vouchers, a trend which many establishments have jumped on and have been previously very popular around the Christmas period. Go into a restaurant of your choice and see whether they’re offering vouchers; if so, you can usually settle on either a set amount or set menu.

Gadgets & Technology

Getting mum and dad to use modern consumer technology can be like drawing teeth sometimes, but you know their lives would be all the better for it! Frustrating right? Well that’s why Christmas is the best time to get someone into smartphones, tablets, laptops, and everything else in-between.

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