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Celebrity Wedding Rings: Diamonds Are Forever

December 23, 2013

Engagement rings are always getting the attention. We hear of the latest celebrity proposal and our first thoughts turn to the size of their diamond. Is Kim Kardashian’s rock bigger than Beyonce’s? Will Kate Middleton wear Diana’s engagement ring? But not many of us think about the wedding ring. The ring that will express the love of the celebrity couple in question eternally and play a starring role at their wedding ceremony. I think it’s time we put the wedding ring on a pedestal and take a look at the hottest celebrity wedding ring picks. With each celebrity I have provided some low cost wedding rings – helping to make your dream diamond wedding ring a reality.

Eva Longoria Wedding Ring

Eva opted for a wide triple set eternity diamond wedding ring. This lady certainly likes her diamonds, pictured here with her huge diamond engagement ring and diamond set watch. Her exercise regime and dancing probably helps her keep her wrist and hand strong enough to hold her bling. Most of us won’t want to go quite that wide or be able to afford that many diamonds for our wedding band, so I tracked down a double set round diamond ring (middle) that is more attainable from £918 and a full off set diamond wedding ring (right). The platinum version costs over £2,000 but you can save £500 by simply switching to platinum’s sister precious metal, palladium.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring

Kim has always been the centre of attention so we are not surprised that even her wedding ring was made of nothing less than 20 carat platinum and diamonds. For a close match the lowest price I could find was over £5,000. But you can get just as much sparkle from these affordable alternatives. I have provided two options here, for those on a lower budget there is a daintier diamond wedding ring (middle), which is available at just over £450 when set in white gold and a larger baguette diamond wedding ring (right) available from £1,400 in palladium, platinum, yellow and white gold.

Kate Middleton Wedding Ring

The Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning in her wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen but did any of us take a moment to spot the wedding ring? The gold nugget used to make the welsh gold wedding ring belonged to Queen Elizabeth II, who kept it in a vault for years before she made a gift of the precious metal to her then-engaged grandson. I can’t give you royal gold but I did find plenty of traditional yellow gold wedding bands that can mark your commitment with the same elegance from just £115. There are also plenty of patterned yellow gold wedding rings that can offer a more unique alternative.

I hope I helped you get one step closer to finding your perfect celebrity inspired wedding ring. Please follow me on Twitter @MartinNathalie9 for future updates.

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