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August Wedding Song Idea – In All the Right Places

August 20, 2012

When it comes to writing your vows or choosing the words to express how you feel toward your soon to be marital partner, you can suddenly find yourself at a loss; not necessarily with writer’s block but perhaps too much to say and a little too personal to express in front of a crowded room whilst trying to fight the embarrassment of your voice breaking from nerves or tears.

Your first dance or music for your ceremony can be the perfect opportunity to express how you feel with music, so if you want to be a little mushy or romantic towards your partner you can be with someone else’s words when you struggle to express your own.

Think about songs that remind you of your partner or type into song or lyrics websites a sentence or possible lyric that describes what you want to say, and you’ll be presented with some possible song options. Really read the song lyrics of each of the songs that you collate to select from to ensure you find the perfect words to really express how you feel.

In All the Right Places by Lisa Stansfield

There is nothing indecent about this proposal (featured on the soundtrack of 90’s film Indecent Proposal).

“If you take me straight to heaven I could never fall, ‘cos loving you is what I’m made for; I’d gladly give my all and all…And I swear, I love you”


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