Three Ways the Beauty Industry is Changing

I discovered makeup at a very young age, probably the same way the rest of you reading did too. Mum was in the kitchen and I thought I’d take it upon myself to coat my face (and the majority of the bedroom wall) in whatever I could find at Mum’s makeup table. Years on, I’m still can’t perfect winged eyeliner, or the perfect contour. I’m past the stage of stressing myself out over it now, I’m hoping that my husband (after many years of happy marriage) still sees me as the person underneath it all.

When I look at the kids and teenagers of today though, I can’t help but feel like they’re far worse off than I was. Eye liner and a touch of black lipstick (don’t act like you didn’t have a goth stage either) was enough for sneaking out of the house on a Friday night. But nowadays, thanks to the rise of social media…teenagers can’t help but compare themselves to the Kylies, Kendalls, Hadids and Delevingnes that dominate the media spotlight. While, each of those women are undoubtedly, absolutely gorgeous, it can’t be healthy for young girls to assume that they always need to be seen with that level of makeup on.

While I love reading up on the latest beauty trends, I can’t help but note that things are very different from when I was younger and I’m sure you feel the same.

It begs the question; how is the beauty industry changing, and what’s coming next?

Evolving Beauty Trends (Or Are They?)

As I’m writing this, I’ve had to move my laptop from my lap to the kitchen table because I’m wearing high waisted shorts and my laptop has decided to try and scold my thighs! High waisted shorts aren’t anything new, though. Women wore them in the 60’s too and they looked just as gorgeous doing so. Ten years prior to that, Grace Kelly, Hepburn and Monroe were demonstrating flirtatious, winged eyeliner (the same style that I’m continuing to fail at all these years later). We even saw women stripping back to pencil thin eyebrows in the 1930s, or shaving them off completely and drawing them back on – much the same as many young girls today!

While there will always be new eyeliners or Kylie lip kits, we’re probably going to be using them just the same as we have been over the last hundred years! Are there any beauty trend you’d love to see make a reappearance?


Any Mad Men lovers out there? Early on in the first series of the critically acclaimed show, Don Draper, Creative Director of a fictitious Manhattan advertising agency reveals his pitch for a new marketing campaign to represent Belle Joilie Lipstick: “Every woman wants choices, but in the end, none wants to be one in a box of a hundred.”

We come in an infinite number of shapes, colours and sizes. The foundation that works for me is far from ideal for my sister and we’re related! How are makeups meant to accommodate the three and a half billion women on earth with a one-size-fits-all approach.  The answer, that many companies are now looking to pursue is creating personalised makeup. Finding Ferdinand are an example of a startup that give men and women the opportunity to create a, unique personalised makeup palette for their skin. Could we see makeup companies start to create products with personalised ingredients to accommodate our skin’s reaction to allergens or irritants in future too?


Personal Makeup Packages

Where do you get your makeup from? When I was little, I used to share it with my mum. Then, when I decided to find my own style (embrace that goth stage) I went to the local pharmacy to get my shampoos, eyeliners and lipsticks. When I got my first paying job (in a tiny café), I would buy an enormous amount of makeup, much to the expense of the other poor local women. In fact, sometimes I had to wait for the pharmacy to restock my eyeliner (that’s how goth I was!). It was a small village, in fairness!

Nowadays we can simply order our makeup online, or pop down to supermarkets or cosmetic retailers. Even the chemists stock more makeup than ever before. But, if we’re going down the route of personalised makeup – could we soon see pharmacy wholesalers stocking our local chemists with our unique makeup creations, much like repeat prescriptions? Instead of going to Boots or Superdrug, we’d simply have to pop by the chemist to pick up a package with everything we’d need to last us the rest of the month.

What do you think girls? Where do you think we’re going and what would you like to see from the beauty industry?

Get The 1990s Look In 2016

90s fashion


For those of us born in the 1980s, it is hard not to remember those huge, over-sized earrings that were so popular in the 1990s, or how about the infamous curtains sported by many men? We have all got used to seeing fashions from the re-emerging from decades gone by, but now is the time of the 1990s.

It seems that 90’s fashion has enjoyed something of a rebirth and is currently being sported by the younger members of Generation Y, with the older members trying to hide their sniggering behind their hand.

If you want to find out how to ensure that you are bang on with your 90s fashion for the remainder of 2016 and into 17, then take a look at my top 90’s tips!

The fashion industry has long been recycling previous trends and fashions in order to ensure that they are continually able to push new lines and seasons. This has certainly been true in recent years where we are now seeing something of a 90s revival going on all around us.

This is something that I must admit came as something of a surprise, especially since my niece used to openly laugh at old photos of me in my childhood!

Funnily enough, now she is now sporting similar items of clothing to the ones I wore.

The 1990s were an incredibly exciting time, we had Britpop and Girl Power taking the entire world by storm, and there was even a reason to be cheerful about politics with a fresh-faced Tony Blair promising all sorts to the electorate.

It was a time of mass pride and admiration of British culture, with the country even being nicknamed as ‘Cool Britannia’ and Noel Gallagher popping into Downing Street to drink champagne with Tony Blair.

It isn’t surprising that this was a special time for young people and the 90s certainly brought the younger generations to the forefront of society. There was something of a carefree style that was soaked in rebellion.

The early 90s saw Grunge and minimalism becoming incredibly popular mixed with casual streetwear with a sporty influence. Amongst men there was a shift to more designer labels in the later years of the decade, including the immensely popular Ben Sherman shirts and Lyle and Scott shoes.

This influence can also be seen in the early-00s, where there was a revival of the 80s casuals culture; my brother was a part of this and luckily for me I still have the photos to prove it!

Get the genuine 90s look

Britney Spears with pigtails


90s Hairstyles

The hairstyles in the 90s were far from boring and the more hair the better was certainly true for both men and women. The 90s were the birthplace of the infamous “Rachel”, which proved to be the most popular haircut of the entire decade and saw women up and down the whole of the UK desperately trying to find a picture of Jennifer Aniston to show to their hairdresser.

Those who didn’t want to follow the herd went for the half-up, half-down look, which was considered to be simple, yet modern. There was also the Alicia Silverstone-inspired schoolgirl look, which made pigtails popular too. This led to a vast array of different hair accessories, including scrunchies, butterfly clips and even bandannas.

90s Footwear

The early 90s saw the birth of the Grunge movement in America and it quickly spread to the shores of the UK. This led to both men and women opting to wear footwear which was inspired by the movement, including heavy duty boot and Converse trainers which were given something of a popularity boost thanks to Kurt Cobain.

The preference for a minimalist style also saw Birkenstocks being more and more popular thanks to their wide variety of styles and colours. There was, of course, also the birth of platform shoes thanks to the influence of the Spice Girls; this saw huge, brightly coloured shoes being paired with mini-dresses.

geri halliwell in union jack dress


The 1990s in 2016

As I mentioned previously, the 1990s is currently enjoying something of a major revival in today’s fashion. We are seeing celebrities and designers opting to rework and reintroduce the trends of the decade.

Those of us lucky to have been born in the 1980s will surely have noticed the re-emergence of crop tops and chocker necklaces being worn by celebrities, including the lovely Rihanna. We are even seeing the emergence of a modern grunge look with distressed denim and combat boots making something of a comeback.

rihanna with crop top


Working the 1990s Into Your Existing Style

It goes without saying that you can’t just rock up in 90’s clothing from head to toe, instead, you need to look to incorporate it into your current style and make it appropriate and relevant to today’s style and culture.

Look to recreate those popular 90s styles with a 2016 twist

You need to look to capture the ‘too cool to bother or even’ attitude and mix it with today’s quirks. A popular look is to mix crop tops with skinny jeans; what other items of clothing represent today’s and 90’s fashion more? Look to recreate the Grunge look but instead of going all out and taking the scissors to your Converse, keep the look sleek and polished. Grunge purists will claim that you are ripping the style off, but who cares?!

Just remember to enjoy yourselves and have fun finding your very own 90’s rebel!

Nat xx


Do You Dress to Please Yourself or Others?

As many of you are aware I’m a happily married woman and have been for some time now. I consider myself incredibly lucky to share my life with a man who is so considerate of my female ways. He has accustomed to my pre night out break downs and occasional fat days. He knows that despite my constant moaning about piling on a few ponds I will continue to eat every Custard Cream in sight nether the less, and that’s fine. Self-confidence plays a huge role in all of our everyday lives, I don’t exclude males from that sentiment either. But how do we make ourselves feel confident, and do we do it solely for ourselves or with another in mind?

Fitting in Fashion

I’m constantly engaging on conversations online regarding fashion and beauty as like many woman, it’s my absolute favourite pastime. Fashion can play a complicated role in the lives of many. Its fills and fuels our media, it acts as the perfect Saturday pass time and can turn a down day completely on its head, yes a nice skit has the power to do such a thing. Recently my husband questioned why I never wore a selection of my wardrobe, “Nat this dress is lovely, why do you never wear this one?” the question really stuck with me and he’s right, I have sooo many clothes but sometimes get into a habit of wearing the same select few. I think us woman have a comfort zone and once we are well and truly within the rhythm of that zone, it’s hard to break away.

After giving more thought to his query, it started to question whether this ‘comfort zone’ we create ourselves is because we are in fact dressing with somebody else in mind, and this if this is the case how does that affect our relationship with ourselves. We dress for work and have to contemplate whether a blouse is too low cut or not low cut enough? Will it gain unwanted attention and therefore make you feel subconscious for the rest of the day. The same applies for first dates, both situations relate closely to having clothing dilemmas. I was however, shocked to hear from a close friend the pressure she feels to not look a state on the morning school run. Apparently wet hair tied up in a bun and jogging bottoms is no longer a reliable go to outfit. Now mums are dressing the impress other mums, unknowingly putting unnecessary pressure on each other.

Putting Him on the Spot

So after a lot of pondering and self-reflection, I went back to my beloved husband and asked him what his favourite outfit of mine was. His face, as I’m sure many of you ladies can imagine, was slightly taken aback. I could see the cogs working overtime as he desperately tried to remember something I had worn one time that he absolutely loved. True to form, he came up trumps with his response of “I went crazy that time you wore that Gatsby dress for Sarah’s 1920’s party, that dress made me feel young and crazy in love again.”. My first reaction was something along the lines of ‘are you sure that’s not just because your favourite film happens to be The Great Gatsby’, but eventually took the compliment as it was originally intended. What did I learn? If I’m honest, although his words made me feel smitten, I too remember feeling incredible in that dress, from the moment I bought it to putting it on and dancing the night away, my confidence was through the roof. So as much as the sparkle caught my fellas eye, as he too has confirmed, in actual fact it the way I held myself in that outfit made all the difference.



To test myself and ensure that I break my usual pattern, I am challenging myself to not instantly grab my usual comfort clothes and instead try something new or even better something I bought last year and have not yet warn for whatever reason. I am constantly acquiring new items of clothing and for some reason or another disregarding them as quickly as I purchased, more often than not because I fear it may be too much or too little for somebody else. The tight restrictions of dress codes are slowly being broken, for this to ever truly be the case we must embrace and find confidence in what we wear for ourselves, nobody else.