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Why You Should Consider Curvy Interiors!

July 18, 2019

Forget straight lines in 2019 because we are taking a curvy detour. Looking at the latest trends it looks like ridged, sharp angles are so last year. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair boasted lots of new items with a range of bends and curves which can be quite retro, however, if worked in correctly – it makes for a fantastic modern spin on a classic element!

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why Keep it Curvy?

Hard and straight lines are often associated with cleanliness, organisation and order. Not only do curves switch up the look of an interior, but it also evokes a sense of relaxation in a modern and feminine way straying away from formality.

As a space dominated by such hard lines and order can make a room almost feel ‘business-like’, curved items can provide a little escape and way of breaking up rigid interiors. This style can also increase social interactivity in living rooms, for example, curved sofas can reduce the distance from each other and prevent you from twisting your body in strange positions to talk to someone.

Softer shapes can come in so many different forms, so do not think you are limited to a round rug!

Lighting is also another way of breaking up space whilst making a room brighter. Table lamps and overarching floor standing lamps are great, subtle additions for introducing softer lines into your space. Also, this style doesn’t have to be one complete curve, but it can be swirls and multiple bends that can also create a lighting statement.

Curves for Calmness

Round wall mirrors have soared in popularity with them being a favourite for modern, minimalistic interiors – especially bedrooms. Not only do they bounce light around, opening a space up but they help break up straight lines in a room where relaxation should be at the forefront of the design.

Furthermore, are round shapes promote relaxation and calmness, it is a good design to have in your bedroom. Through following many interior bloggers, I have seen some designs be reintroduced into interiors for example, curved upholstered headboards which, many would’ve thought to leave in the 70’s however, this French-style is making a comeback in a very chic way.

Curved Accents

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Of course, you can reach a point where there are too many rounded shapes, so I would be selective on how and where you implement a curvy item into your home. Rounded items can be balanced out with a geometric shape to mix it up.

Be selective on where you want to introduce rounded items, maybe choose an accent item to start with like mirrors and cushions and see how you go! This will allow you to freely redesign as you go without committing to anything too big and round before you know for sure if you like the style or not!