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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

September 25, 2012

Giving a wedding gift to a newly married couple is a tricky business. You don’t want to give them something that someone else might have got them and you certainly don’t want the present to be so run of the mill that in a few years they will have forgotten how exactly they acquired the said thing! Unique gifts require a little more thought but are more likely to be loved and bring a smile to the happy couple for years to come.

Of course, unique gifts always comes down to personal taste but if you are not quite sure then going for something that is currently en vogue and trending is always a safe bet. Retro furniture and modern reproductions are incredibly popular at the moment.  This kind of furniture dates from the time period between the 1940s and the 1970s but the idea behind it was to create futuristic looking pieces. These pieces tended to be highly crafted hence why many of them have stood the test of time and are still around to be purchased today.

As the demand for retro furniture has grown it has become harder and harder to get original pieces which is where modern manufacturers have come in to fill the gap in the market. The styles of retro furniture are simple yet dramatic and strangely, in some cases, quite unisex so they make a perfect unique gift for a couple. Take this retro sofa. The Dot Two Seater Sofa. It’s a brilliant gift for a newly married couple especially if they don’t have much room in their new marital abode. Another cool retro sofa perfect for a couple is, The Velvet Love Tub. The name says it all. It’s gorgeously sexy and just enough room for two to get cosy on it.

The Dot Armchair, I imagine, would also be welcomed with open arms and tired feet. It has sleek curvy dimension making it suitable for a centre piece in a room or to fit in next to existing furniture. It is also very, very comfortable…yawn..mmmm.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a retro sofa or chair then why not consider some pieces of hand blown glassware to give as unique gifts. They will almost definitely be put to good use and with the colourful and striking folk decoration it’s likely they will make a great talking point too.

Keeping in with a vintage type theme, giving the newlyweds a vintage cake stand may mean you get asked round for tea and cakes after they get back from honeymoon. On the other hand, the gift of an art deco inspired Ono decanter could mean you get asked round for a stiff brandy and a browse through the honeymoon photos!  Whatever you decide to give them, keeping it unique and on trend is bound to be a winning combination and make sure they never forget who they got the perfect gift from.

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