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Unique Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids

June 20, 2012

Every gift I have ever received from a bride has varied in price and sentimentality but it was the ones that were quite simply unique that stood out as my real favourites.

Truly unique gift ideas for bridesmaids are really not hard to come up with if you just try to think a little outside of the box. As a well seasoned bridesmaid I realise how busy brides can be on the run up to the big day so I would like to and offer a few tips on how to come up with unique gift ideas that really are unique.

Make It Personal-

Personalised stationary is a popular choice as are engraved champagne flutes and silver compact mirrors inscribed with special messages. Carefully chosen words permanently placed on a gift instantly make that gift unique and highly personal.

Make It Yourself-

Handmade presents are all the rage these days and are obviously unique! Making them could take up even less time than you would spend trawling the shops looking for something else suitable. A photo collage of you and your bridesmaid, mounted under a plain glass frame would definitely guarantee a smile and a giggle. Handmade chocolates can be quick and easy to make but a word of warning, you do run the risk of scoffing them all before presenting them to your bridesmaid!

Make It Different-

Coming up with unique gift ideas means moving away from the ordinary and thinking of gifts that are a little different. This doesn’t mean you have to choose presents that are ultra wacky, although if it suits the bridesmaids taste and personality then by all means go for it! What I am suggesting is going for something ordinary but with a twist.

unique bird photo frame gift
unique bird photo frame gift

On her wedding day, my cousin presented me with a gorgeous decorative picture frame in the shape of a bird! (I wont fully describe the picture she chose to put in it but will go as far to say it summed up the hen night perfectly!) Naughty but nice lip gloss that look like a tiny cup cake were another winner. As well as being quirky and downright delicious to smear on your lips, bridesmaids of almost any age would be delighted to receive them.

With the internet at our finger tips, there really is a wealth of ideas and information out there to help you come up with most unique gift ideas for your bridesmaid. However, at the end of the day my best advice would actually be to choose from the heart. That way, just like your big day, the gift you give her will be just perfect.

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