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The Sweetest Feeling- A Honeymoon in Panama

October 9, 2012

The earliest English term for ‘honeymoon’ was first recorded in 1546 as ’hony moone’ and referred to the time just after a wedding when things are at their sweetest.  It’s therefore makes total sense that a honeymoon really needs to be the most romantic holiday of a newly married couples lives. For this reason, choosing Boquete in Panama for your honeymoon destination could easily be the perfect choice.

The town of Boquete is located about 340 miles from Panama city and rests on the eastern slopes of the Baru Volcano. An easy 1 hr plane journey from Panama city will take you to David where you would then get a taxi or bus for approximately 45 mins till you reached Boquete which is claimed to be one of the most beautiful spots in Panama. It’s a mountain village surrounded by rich tropical flora and fauna and boasts an all year round spring like climate. Put simply, the views are breath taking, the mountain air, exquisite and the region, magical. It’s very much the ideal place to start married life.

If you and your other half are coffee lovers then you will be entering coffee heaven. Boquete takes pride in its world famous coffee that you will easily find in exclusive cafes all over Europe. If you feel the urge there is also ample opportunity to visit some of the local organic coffee farms to roast your own beans and take them away with you to have a romantic cup of coffee together as you gaze over the lush valley and rolling mountains.

Known as the Flower Capital of Panama, Boquete is incredibly famous for its flowers and each January holds an annual flower festival on the eastern bank of the Boquete River. This is not entirely seasonal and so any time of year you visit you will be guaranteed to be held in awe of the spectacular blooms in both the gardens and by the roadsides. If the flowers don’t impress you then the oranges most probably will. Boquete boast of having the sweetest oranges in the world as well as delicious strawberries and other types of citrus fruit. Delighting in sweet mountain fruit seems like a perfectly palatable way of passing time on your honeymoon. Incidentally, Boquete is home to a huge variety of restaurants and several prestigious and internationally renowned chefs so if fruit doesn’t tickle your fancy then you will most likely to find something else that does.

If you are looking for a hotel in Panama, Boquete is definitely the place. Many of the hotels have the most wonderful views and prices are really very reasonable. If you choose a hotel outside of the town a bit further into the mountains you will be able to easily access mountain walks but can easily travel back into town by bus or taxi.

As you may have guessed there are many opportunities for outdoor activities ranging from a relaxing romantic walk around the base of the volcano to intense hiking in the mountains and up to the summit of Volcano Baru. Whilst there is a huge range of spectacular flora and fauna in this region you may be lucky enough to see the elusive Quetzal, which are beautiful birds that were considered sacred by the Mayas.

After a hike, or if you really are not the hiking types, then you will be pleased to know that you could  take a dip in the Caldera hot springs right next to the Caldera river. Bliss. For the more adventurous you could try some whitewater rafting on the Chiriquí Viejo or a bit of horseback riding.

Of course, honeymoons don’t have to be full of non stop activity. Just being together and relaxing in each others company can make the time special. However, if you do choose to travel to Panama and Boquete in particular I can guarantee a magical setting where, for the honeymoon at least, all your dreams and wishes are likely to come true.

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