The Key to The Best Christmas Stocking Ever!

October 29, 2018

All scrooges look away because I am about to mention the ‘C’ word in October. Yes, forget Halloween… I’m in the Christmas spirit already! I have been thinking about how I can make this year extra special for my little niece and nephew when I thought of Christmas stockings! I remember the feeling of the never ending surprised that I kept pulling from the stockings, and I would love to recreate that for my little favorites! Here are some ideas on how you can be filling a surprise stocking this Christmas!

Photo Credit: Unsplash 

A tale as old as time…

Tradition says stocking is hung on a bed post or at the end of the bed for Santa clause to come and fill with all kinds of fun things like games, fruit and coins. Wait – fruit at Christmas? Correct – the custom is that a orange or satsuma is place in the bottom of the stocking to represent one of the three bags of gold St. Nicholas threw into the windows of three poor young ladies who could not get married as they were so poor.  One of the bags supposedly landed in a stocking and thus, the Christmas stocking tradition began!

Another story is that St. Nicholas three bags of gold into some stocking that were hanging to dry above a fireplace… sounds like he was in a rush! Other than gold ahem – oranges and satsumas what else can we pop into a stocking or even what can be used a stocking?

The Goody bag

There are so many style stockings out there now, the traditional boot shaped stocking to decorated hessian Christmas sacks. I am torn on what to do for my family, I am swaying more towards the hessian sack as I can see them being used all year round as they would fit in to a rustic interior is turned inside out… but that’s the interior lover in me making appearance! Shh Nat, now is the time for Christmas! To get the kids in the festive spirit, you could even make your own DIY stocking – aactivity to keep the kids busy at the weekend!

Edible surprises

We have already popped one of our 5 – a – day into the stocking… not for some treats! Who doesn’t love the chocolate shaped Santa? This is a staple that sits on our Christmas tree until the big day however, they would also make for fab stocking fillers. Also, we are huge fans of the sweetie tubes like fruit pastels and jelly babies that always appear in supermarkets around the festive season!


Card games are a fabulous way to keep the little ones busy whilst the roast is in the over – beware though, might just end in arguments! Trivial games are super fun and you can get the whole family involved, but they are also small enough to put into a stocking for a little one to open on the big day. Or you could always gift…

Craft sets!

Photo Credit: Unsplash

These could keep the kids entertained for hours. I remember getting a dolly dress up book where we could pop out these paper outfits and dress the dolls inside the book – I had so much fun! You can get all sorts of sets like knitting, building and sticking which help your child learn new skills and keep occupied for hours!

Practical Pressies

New slippers or make up bags and even socks are great little ideas. They can help keep you warm and keep all your things in one place. These are the things that can be used all year round! Wallets and purses are also cute ideas you could be stocking up your goody bag with too.

These are only a small selection of things you could be popping into a Christmas Stocking, ideas are endless. Anything small, sentimental and fun hat can be popped into a stock or a modern hessian sack is guaranteed to be a winner!