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The Different Geeks and What to Buy Them: A Gift Guide for Nerdy Guys

November 9, 2017

One of my best friends is dating a lovely new guy and with Christmas coming up, she wants to get him something that shows she cares. Her challenge is that he is nerdier than her previous boyfriends and she hasn’t got much experience in this area. Luckily, Mike (my husband) and most of the other men in my family are mega geeks and as such I have such a deep store of untapped information, I wanted to share my knowledge should anyone else be struggling.

For the Music Lover

Photo by Samuel Dixon on Unsplash

The ideal day for this kind of geek, is scouring vintage and independent stores for 70’s ambient electronica vinyl’s. They know the difference between mathcore and math rock and will be well aware of breaking artists months before you’ve even heard their name. Steer clear of buying new music for these guys, as they if you haven’t heard them mention a name, it’s probably because they’ve heard it and it’s not their cup of tea! Instead, go for something that will help them share their knowledge with you, like a mixer from Mackie’s awesome ProDX Series that they can mix songs straight from their iPhone into local speakers for epic combinations.

For the Star Wars Buff

This is the kind of guy that knows that the 12 parsecs of Han Solo’s Kessel Run are a measurement of distance, not time. Constantly at war with the Trekkies (read: my dad), Star Wars geeks are recognisable by the suspiciously worn out sections of tape on their Return of the Jedi VHS cassette due to excessive rewinding and resuming. This is my brother-in-law to a tee and this year my sister is already super excited to be giving him an official pair of stormtrooper boots, which we know he’s going to go absolutely wild for!

For the Apple Fan Boy

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

Although many of us own Apple products, very few of us are in the league of the fanatics that form the ranks of the Apple Fan Boys. These are the guys that think packing a tent, sleeping bag and other overnight essentials to set up camp outside the Apple Store and be one of the first owners of the newest handset, is a reasonable thing to do to. You will struggle to find them any Apple product that they haven’t already purchased, so instead go for something that enhances their experience. I recommend a luxury Forté Apple Watch Stand or a pair of Beats Wireless headphones designed specifically with Apple Products in mind.

For the Gamer Geek

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

You’ll rarely find this guy at the gym and never at a night club, no this gent’s favourite pastimes all involve points and intense competition in the safety of familiar surroundings. There’s nothing that makes them happier than when they are accompanied with by best mates, whether virtually or in real life, ‘fragging noobs’. Like most geeks, gamers know what they like and will have the games that they are interested in playing on pre-order before you knew it was being developed. Aim to enhance their gaming experience with something like the HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Keyboard for PC fans or PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality Headset) for the console lovers.

For The Tech Connoisseur

Photo by Oliver Pecker on Unsplash

Advances in smart technology are what makes this guy tick, he’s always on the lookout for ways to make his life easier and more convenient. Tech connoisseurs are the kind of man who’ll have their whole apartment hooked up to their phone, so that they can control the lights music and even microwave from the comfort of their armchair. These guys are the most difficult to buy for, as you don’t want to get them a gift that doesn’t integrate with their current setup! As an alternative, go for a standalone piece that fits their slick, James Bond-esque (they like to think) lifestyle. Go for something like the Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine, or a gorgeous Pad and Quill messenger bag to hold all their treasured belongings.

The challenge with guys who are really into their niche, is that they know almost everything about it! With these fellas, rather than trying to educate them – they probably have or know all about what you want to give them, it’s best to aim to enhance the way they experience their passion.

Is there a geek I’ve missed or a gift you have given that’s gone down a treat? Let me know in the comments!