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The Best UK Hen Party Destinations

February 17, 2016

Who says you need luxury Cyprus villas with pools or Icelandic geothermal spa’s to have a fantastic and memorable hen party. All the makings of an unforgettable weekend are right here in the UK, with some of the biggest, brightest and most bustling cities on the planet ready to celebrate your imminent nuptials in style.

From the bright lights of bohemian Brighton to the stoic vanguard of Edinburgh, there’s something for every type of hen party. There’s the downright dirty with your head sticking out the top of a limousine whilst waving around an inflatable penis, all the way to sophisticated wine tasting sessions and cheese boards until the early hours. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s no need to go abroad because the UK has it all.

So what are the top UK destinations for a hen weekend in 2016?


The UK’s capital is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, brimming with a rich history, hundreds of landmark destinations and a wealth of fun activities for a hen party. When it comes to vibrancy, London is almost unmatched with its larger-than-life glitz and glamour for the 24 hour party people. At the same time, London is a highly cultured city which offers plenty of alternatives to the party lifestyle, including some of the world’s most famous restaurants and shopping experiences.

If you pick London for your hen party, be prepared for London prices. As a cultural capital and global city, London is the most expensive place in the country. They say you get what you pay for, and with London you’re open to activities which you simply won’t get anywhere else, so don’t let the high price tag put you off.


The emerald ruby in the crown of seaside resorts, Brighton is a vibrant experience unlike anywhere else in the UK. This bustling southern city is famous for its diversity and highly tolerant culture, which had made it the gay capital of the world and a den of vice which has flourished whilst other seaside towns have whimpered.

There’s always something going on in Brighton, so plan when you book and get the best out of your trip. There’s the UK’s biggest Gay Pride festival around September, the Brighton Fringe in the summer which brings comedy, music and theatre to the city, and even the Brighton Food & Drink Festival in winter, where you can binge on an exotic selection of nibbles and wine’s from around the world.


Regarded as the unofficial capital of the South West, Bristol is one of the UK’s coolest cities where cutting edge culture meets historical splendour. A hen party in Bristol will enjoy all the benefits of the city’s simmering underground music and clubbing scene, an artistic paradise in which evert street corner is plastered with beautiful street art, and the sprawling open spaces of the West Country countryside.

The main benefit of Bristol is its cultural diversity; the old and new meld very well, where you can enjoy champagne at the historical city centre, then move onto a trendy club playing all the modern hits. This choice, and the ability to have it exactly your way on a good budget, makes Bristol a top choice for hen parties.


It wouldn’t be a party without the Scottish, and Edinburgh is the perfect recipe for a fiery, unforgettable hen weekend. Surprisingly, Edinburgh is also highly diverse in its nightlife, offering some of the best bars and pubs in the country. You can also enjoy Edinburgh fantastic geographical location, with rolling hills and mountains to be explored if you aren’t too hungover

The city itself is very far north and warrants a weekend stay in order to get the full benefits of everything it has to offer. The upside is that Edinburgh is excellent value for money and you can enjoy one of the best cultural cities in the country on a tight budget. What better than a night out where you can have a few drinks and have some spare change for a snack on the way home!


Staying north but shifting back to England, we arrive at the vibrant city of Newcastle. The city itself is famous for its welcoming people, and there’s nothing like a friendly Geordie for a barrel of laughs. There’s also lively nightlife offering diverse music, DJ’s, and performers to boot. If you’re a big fan of Geordie Shore, there’s nothing quite like getting up close and personal with the birthplace of Gaz and Charlotte.

Newcastle is also famous as one of the UK’s biggest and best shopping destinations. For intrepid hen parties, there’s almost every retailer under the sun, as well as plenty of independent shops, designer boutiques and weekend markets to find those awesome style and beauty items you won’t be getting back home.

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