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The 6 Best Cities for Student Jobs Abroad

June 16, 2016


Source: Adrian Long

As a student, taking the opportunity to travel should never be overlooked. Time is limited during your studies, and the summer is often one of the best periods to relieve your mind of work, helping you focus on other pursuits. In particular, students have a wealth of opportunities available to them that inspire growth in professional and personal areas; perfect for the challenges of the professional world ahead.

But where are these opportunities? The world is a big place and it can be difficult to settle on a destination that ticks all the boxes. First and foremost, you should follow your instinct and choose a destination you’ve always wanted to experience. However, if you’re still stuck, here’s some global locations which offer great summer jobs abroad for students.

Sydney, Australia

The land down under provides many excellent opportunities, as it has a large volume of students looking for summer work, and a healthy jobs market to meet this need. There’s a peak in the wide range of markets looking for summer workers, whether it’s picking fruit that’s ripe for the summer, answering calls and providing customer service, or even more advanced work in the fields of engineering and project management.

Washington DC, USA

The capital of the USA is one of the best places across the entire country to find summer jobs. The state itself has a youth-orientated job market, in which younger demographics are constantly sought for either temporary or full-time roles in which they will excel. This is especially true for students, in which there are many programmes available that can levity to an existing qualification or degree, and Washington DC is home to many of these prestigious opportunities.

Berlin, Germany

Another youth-orientated market. The German capital Berlin is home to many intuitive startups and opportunities for students in the fields of science and technology to boost their employability. Berlin itself is also a great place to spend a summer, with a vibrant and fun culture that believes in inclusivity and acceptance. There would be much to learn from Berlin beyond summer job opportunities.

Hong Kong, China

China has become an increasingly popular destination for students, offering plenty of work for English speaking students, as well as opportunities in many other fields. Hong Kong, along with Beijing, is the densest of these markets. There’s also the possibility to participate in an exchange programme and have your entire trip subsidised; many Chinese students visit the UK to work temporarily and study, so there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities in this regard.

Toronto, Canada

Canada is another healthy job market which covers a wide range of industries and markets. As a student, Canada also offers a range of grants making studying and living in the country that much easier. Toronto in particular is a friendly and welcoming place, although don’t expect any warm summer weather, as you’re more likely to be met with a blanket of snow.

Paris, France

The French capital has long held a desirable spot for students looking to work abroad. Not only is there a strong and diverse jobs market, but also a diverse range of students from around the world either working or studying abroad. This cane make settling into your new home much easier, whilst also creating further opportunities in the future. Paris itself is also a great, cultural location to develop your understanding of the world.

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