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Reducing Aches & Pains When Gardening

May 24, 2019

Over the winter we have let our garden grow into disarray and it is not looking pretty. This spring as the UK welcomes some unusually warm weather, me and the hubby are going to be revamping our garden so we can soak up the rays and enjoy some outside space. One thing my other half has been moaning about is the aches and pains that go hand in hand with crouching, kneeling and digging to create such a space. So, I thought I would put together a little guide for others who are wanting to do some gardening and but avoid the achy consequences!

Limbering up

Although it may not be a vigorous sport, bending in positions your body isn’t used to will cause aches and pains in areas you didn’t even know you had! Before heading out into the great green wild that is your garden, do a few stretches. Especially ones that target your spine and legs and gardening is usually a low-level task which can pull and twist your body into all kinds of positions. If you are really organised, start doing some yoga poses a month before gardening season to strengthen your potential sore spots and improve your balance.

Also, ensure you take regular breaks to give your body a well-deserved rest!

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Tools to The Rescue

Soil, plants and tools can all be super heavy! To reduce the strain on your body, use a wheelbarrow to spread the weight of heavy things out and to take the majority of the stress away from you. Although, it will still be quite heavy on the arms, it will make transporting various things a lot easier. You can get plastic and steel wheelbarrows, and depending on your budget you should research which one would be best for you.

Keep Good Posture

Whilst bending and crouching it can be hard to maintain a good form. When picking up plant pots or pulling out weeds ensure you are doing this correctly. Keep your back straight, bend your knees and tense your abs when lifting something heavy or that needs force. When moving things to the side, pivot on your toes or move your feet – this sounds super obvious, but many would be inclined to twist their upper half to place something down.

Another good way to maintain good posture is to use aids like a garden stool seat to ease the pressure on your knees. Crouching and kneeling can create awful pains in your back as well as knees. There are also alternatives which you can use like a cushion or special kneeling pads as the ground can be super hard too!

These are only a few of the ways you should be looking after yourself when it comes to gardening. Ensure you wear sun cream and drinking plenty of water as this can be super dehydrating!