How to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger!

September 27, 2017

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Many believe that the only way to open up a room is to extend outwards, but small areas can often be made to look more spacious through tricks of light and clever storage ideas. I recently wrote about potentially getting the builders in to expand our tiny space, however, this is still in discussion with the other half. So, for now, I will be sticking to creatively playing with space I already have! Here are a few notes-to-self-ideas that will also help others open their space up more without having to get the builders in.

Lighten Up to Brighten Up

Tiny rooms and dark colours simply do not work, they make little spaces look even smaller. Instead, sport more neutral, bright tones as these are always a safe bet when trying to give the illusion of more space. Lighter tones are timeless and super adaptable like creams, beiges or even shades from the grey colour palette that match beautifully with each other. With these neutral tones, paint the coving and walls the same colour. Not only does it make the room look more spacious, it will also give the impression of higher ceilings with walls and accents seamlessly blending in together adding to that roomy feel.

Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

Rooms can also be made to look more spacious through placing a mirror opposite a window. Not only do you get a lovely reflection of your view, but this very image will create an illusion of another window and flood your room with light.

Put Your Windows on Show

With small spaces, it is important to think outside the box and use what you have. Windows are a fantastic example of an existing focal point – it’s just a matter of how you display it. Whether you dress it up with fancy curtains or embellish the windowsill with ornaments, sprucing up a window can alter the feel of an area dramatically. Combine these budget-friendly design tips with our previous tip of strategically placing a mirror opposite a window to give your mini spaces the ultimate facelift!

If you are going for a full upgrade for your tiny space, you could update the focal point itself. Investing in some quality uPVC windows can really transform a room. A slimline window is a recent design with thinner frames that allows more natural light to flow into an area which is perfect for brightening a smaller place. Not only that, you can also change the colour and material of the frame to compliment your surroundings. This is more of a long-term investment, however totally worth it if you are looking to save money and conserve energy in the long run as well as refreshing your home.

Space Saving Storage Solutions

Even though de-cluttering is recommended with overcrowded rooms, sometimes it is a case of having too many things you actively use and simply not enough space to store it all. Through employing some clever storage tactics and beautiful display ideas, you will be able to keep all your belongings whilst creating a beautiful interior in no time.

Photo by Vadim Sherbakov on Unsplash

This makes for a brilliant opportunity to get creative with your possessions! I have seen some fantastic and unusual ideas online lately, with awesome Ikea hacks and cupboard organisation ideas to cater for all your items. That’s right – no de-cluttering here! These helpful ideas range from shelve dividers to nifty drawer storage to fit all your bits and pieces without throwing anything away.

Photo by Flickr

Another way to maximise space and save pennies, is by asking yourself: does this piece of furniture serve a dual purpose? These multitasking items can be as simple as using a or if you are handy with tools, create stair drawers for all your shoes! These ideas aim to build on what you already have which is a fab way to save money and conserve space. If you are needing some inspiration, be sure to check out Ann Le’s YouTube video for some amazing furniture hacks as she has some fabulous and useful creations!

There are endless ways to create more space, which does not include building expensive extensions, it’s simply a matter of getting creative with what you have! I will definitely be incorporating some of these design ideas whilst I wait for my other half to signing off the building work!