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Luxury Weddings & Honeymoons in Cyprus

September 26, 2012

As the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Cyprus is the perfect setting for a wedding. Are you planning a wedding abroad? Need ideas on where you could possibly go that is a luxurious place to get married in?

How about a romantic wedding in the Akamas region of Cyprus? This region offers beautiful country side along with the Mediterranean Sea and gorgeous views.

Depending on your style, you can either plan the wedding yourself, hire someone in the region to plan it for you, or go for a luxury wedding package.

Cyprus offers warm and luxurious weather all year round guaranteeing you gorgeous weather any time of year you want to go. If you are looking for a wedding where it is not too hot, spring and autumn are the times of year when the climate in Cyprus is perfect outside.  With Cyprus, you are guaranteed perfect blue skies for your photographs, so make most out of the gorgeous weather and fill your wedding album with unusual beach wedding photography!

Places to get married in:

There are a few places that you could possibly get married in, from small and charming chapels in rural settings to venues with sea views. Here are just a few places that are popular wedding ceremony destinations:

A list of some luxury wedding venues in Cyprus:

  • Ayii Anargyri Natural Spa Resort
  • Le Méridien Limassol Spa & Resort
  • Paradisos Hills Hotel
  • Anassa Hotel
  • Paphos Cyprus Harbour Taverna
  • Traditional Cypriot Taverna
  • Luxury private Villa reception
  • Coral Bay Park Paphos Cyprus Wedding Reception Venue

If you are looking at having a wedding abroad, it is very important to plan well in advance. There are a lot of legal fees and legalities that need to be considered before you can jet off to be married.

What is great about getting married abroad is that you are already away for your honeymoon. There is no need to go anywhere else. This could save a few costs on your wedding and gives you the luxury to be on honeymoon as soon as you so “I Do”. Think about where you want to stay after your wedding, whether it is in luxury villas in Cyprus or if it is in a luxury hotel in Paphos.

Wedding Guest Villas

Remember that villas can cost far less for larger families than if you were all to get hotel accommodation. If you are taking your whole family with you, you will want to make sure you have accommodation for all of them. There are some villa rental companies that will rent out villas that neighbour each other, ideal for family members and friends who wish to remain close to each other whilst staying in Cyprus.

Legal Formalities for a Wedding in Cyprus:

Legal documents required:

  • Passports for both husband and wife as well as any witnesses.
  • Birth Certificates

Proof of single status:

  • Decree Absolute if divorced
  • Death Certificate if widowed
  • Parental consent if under minimum age

Copies of these documents will need to be with your wedding planner in Cyprus or the person marrying you at least one month in advance before you get married, and you should be in Cyprus at least four days before the Wedding.

Happy planning!

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