How Travel Can Help You Improve Job Prospects

September 14, 2018

Everyone should constantly be trying to improve themselves, not just when the 1st of January comes around again! It is super important to constantly try to be your best self whether it is hitting the gym or heading abroad to learn. Travelling is a great way to broaden your prospects, learn and grow with the times. With the world becoming more and more diverse there has never been a better way to kick start your career! With my cousin pondering the idea of heading abroad for a year, I thought I would take a peek into some of the benefits to educate myself on her decision.

Confidence and Independence

It can be super daunting heading to a place you have never been before, especially if you don’t know the customs or language. Once you’ve done it though, the confidence of knowing you can survive on your own in a totally foreign land is unbeatable. This self-belief that travel brings will help you no end, from smashing interviews to negotiating salaries. With going abroad, some customs the UK has may not apply to where you are going, learning new customs will help you become more aware of how you are perceived in different situations. It will give knowledge of how to handle people and situations that you are from staying in the comfort of your own country!

Being without friends or family around the corner or even in the same house, can really help promote independence. You will have to do things like get yourself to work on time and make dinner after a long day… gosh imagine that…I know my cousin won’t like the idea of not having a personal alarm clock (her mum will!). However, if you are worried there are plenty of options where you can spend some time abroad, for example you could always head to a summer camp in America first that might give you that little bit of confidence to take the bigger step and head out for a year!

Global Perspective

Interning abroad will help you with inter-cultural communication which international businesses love. There is unique understanding that comes with being aware or different cultures and customs. It is something employers will value, especially if they have bases in other countries or are even thinking of branching out. It can also provide you with a different outlook when it comes to solving problems or discussing issues within the business. It could also give you more ideas to help you company excel in a certain location abroad, this will definitely impress your employers!


Some say, it’s not what you know… it’s who you know! The friends you make and the colleagues you meet in your role abroad can bring lots of opportunities – so remember to keep in contact! You can also increase your connections through networking events and mentoring programmes which can help you grow your network. Strong international connections look great during interviews or once you have the job, you can always suggest a solution lies with someone you know.

LinkedIn is a wonderful purpose-built platform to help you keep connected with like-minded people and you should definitely utilise it! Gather all the professional connections you can because employers will love it if you could bring new potential business to their company.

The adult world can be super scary at times, my cousin is learning this fast! An internship or even a summer away is a brilliant way to increase your desirability when it comes to applying for roles and performing your best within your role. Not only that but gaining that confidence, perspective and networking will help you excel at everything from job interviews to making new friends and memories!