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Hi and welcome to Help! I’m Getting Married. My name is Nat and I’m a twenty-something blogger living in Brighton, UK. I set up this blog a few years ago when I was engaged to be married as a resource to help women in a similar situations, covering everything from venue and food to photographers and dresses.

I’ve now been married almost four years and learnt that life certainly doesn’t end at marriage, it only begins! I encountered so much during the first two years of marriage that I made the decision to change the focus of this blog from just weddings to a variety of lifestyle topics. I wanted to convey the message that life goes on after your happily ever after, and that the journey has been just as exciting as the wedding.

You’ll find a bit of everything on Help! I’m Getting Married; along with the regular wedding articles, there’s also plenty to read on fashion, beauty, family, travel, lifestyle, culture, food, and much more. You can also find my work around the internet, and I’m currently a certified Mumsnet Blogger and Miss Millennia Magazine contributor.

Thanks for visiting. Take a look at some of my articles or use the search bar to find something more tailored to your interests.

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