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Gift Ideas for Every Type of Bestie!

December 21, 2017

We all have those girlfriends who always answer ‘oh, I don’t need anything’ or ‘I’m not sure!’ whenever you ask the big birthday present question. What if you knew what to get without even asking them? Within friendship groups there are roles that each girlfriend assumes, and using these roles you can determine what to get her without asking, making your gift a wonderful surprise!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The Mummy

We all have that one friend who takes care of everyone whether it’s on a heavy night out or making sure you’ve packed everything for that girl’s holiday. Time to show some appreciation with a gift that will put a lovely big smile on her face. How about a girl’s trip to the spa? Here she will be able to unwind and relax from her ‘mummy’ duties and spend some quality time with the girls! If she isn’t up for experiences, try a personalised gift like a makeup bag or purse so whenever she opens her bag she is reminded how much you all appreciate her!

The Workaholic

The girlfriends who can never seem to pry themselves away from their work duties are always the hardest ones to buy for. For these tricky people, help them unwind with a girly weekend away and demand that she leaves her work phone at home! On the other hand, if you can’t beat them, join them! Gift something that encourages them to continue their hard work like practical and stylish accessories. For example, a sleek watch box is a perfect gift for watch collectors who would never dream of being late to a meeting or a digital frame featuring their favourite memories can be kept on their desk to make her smile in those late office hours.

The Social Butterfly

On the complete other end of the scale, you have the friend who is the life of the party, always up for going out and mingling with the whole gang. Gifts for these types of friends should be ones that feed the social butterfly in them, event tickets and experiences like wine tasting or even a perfume making evening are all fab ways to surprise them!

The Hilarious Honey

This is for the friend who always has you in stiches, the one who can turn any situation around with their brilliant and funny outlook on situations. So, what do you get the person who always brings you up when your down? Make her smile every time she reaches for her purse with a sassy gift like an ‘I slay all day’ bag or a funny, inspirational wall print to remind her how spirited she is.

The Private Investigator

The Sherlock, Nancy Drew or Miss Marple of the group – we all have one! These expert private investigators deserve a medal for being able to dig up information on anyone at any time. They are the ones who usually skilfully uncover the truth about the new potential boyfriend while leaving no traces. These friends have your back, so time to show some appreciation with a wonderful PI worthy gift. How about a fancy notebook to keep all her investigation notes in or a funky phone case to protect her ultimate investigation weapon!

Life would be boring without these gems in your life. Gifting something that matches their personality is the perfect way to show your appreciation for those who bring you up when you’re down and look after you no matter what.