Getting your Garden Summer Ready

May 4, 2016


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Summer approaches, and I’m ever so excited to be able to bask in the warm sunlight as our days get longer and warmer. I have hypnotising memories of summer as a youth, relaxing in my garden listening to music, sipping on iced tea and crisping up in the sun. It was these memories that prompted me to get my own garden in order. After convincing the hubby, we changed our desolate wasteland into a lush, green paradise.

Having garden space has undoubtedly made us happier, and sometimes there’s nothing better than coming home from a busy day and sitting in the garden, listening to the birds chirping and watching the grass swaying in the breeze. I want everyone to be able to enjoy this sensation, and if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoors space, I highly recommend getting it summer ready. Here’s how I did it!

Spring Cleaning

After laying dormant for the majority of a cold winter, a garden can be a little worse for wear when the sun is shining again. Start by removing anything that is beyond repair such as pots, furniture, and ornaments. This will reveal, in its true glory, the jungle that your garden has become.

The space will likely also be overgrown and full of nasty weeds. You can mostly dig these out yourself, but for particular problem areas don’t risk damaging your lawn. When we did our garden, we contacted a firm who took care of the removal of Japanese Knotweed, Rhizome, and large groups of Bindweed so we could preserve the quality of the grass.

A healthy lawn can especially suffer during prolonged cold weather. Once you’ve cleared out any unwanted plants, give your lawn a vitality boost with lawn feed, which contains a mixture of compounds to help the grass grow and stay healthy. Keep this up for the duration of summer for the best results.

Furnishing your Garden

When I’d reached this point myself, I wanted to stop right there. Looking at a fabulously clean garden is a great feeling, with all weeds whacked, your patio scrubbed and the lawn looking at healthy as ever. However, I decided making all my guests sit on the grass during a BBQ wasn’t very becoming, so onto the furniture I went.

My main deciding factors were space and colour. I wanted something that could seat plenty of people, whilst also adding a splash of summer shades to my otherwise drab exterior. Garden seating should always be relatively simple; plastic is the best option because it’s easy to clean, doesn’t deteriorate when wet, and can be stored away with ease regardless of the size. As for colour, forego the usual dark green and white for bright blues, pinks, yellows and oranges to really add a summer flavour.

Tables are also important, as you’ll need somewhere to perch your wine within easy reach. It’s also good for when you’ve got guests over on those hot summer days. Plastic also works well, but I’m more inclined towards thatch with a glass top, as it’s just as easy to clean but looks so much better.

Inviting the Wildlife

The summer brings a plethora of wildlife to your garden. I’ve seen all sorts in my own since we had it revamped; parrots, badgers, foxes, and even next door’s dog at one point! This shows all animals, wild or domestic, love a fresh, clean garden to muck about in.

If you love the element of wildlife in your garden, court it further with the addition of a birdhouse or feeding tray. Keep birdbaths topped up with clean, cool water to ensure wild birds can cool down and deal with the summer heat. You probably won’t see any other wildlife during the day, but at night when they think no-one is looking, spy carefully out your window and you should be able to observe the various creatures in action.

Visit the RSPC website for more information regarding caring for wild animals during the summer.

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