Cocktail Hour: Unusual Ingredients To Create a Delicious Concoction!

June 28, 2019

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? I for one, love a yummy cocktail on girl’s night and with one planned in soon, I got Googling on how I could switch things up from my standard martini go to. Whilst searching, I found some ingredients that I thought were a tad unusual to include in an alcoholic beverage.


green leaf plant
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Yes – the plant! Not only is this herb a great antiseptic and smells beautiful too, but it also makes for a wonderful cocktail ingredient. Is a very light concoction with plenty of punch. This herb needs to be transformed into a syrup in order to get the full herbal experience using water, sugar and fresh eucalyptus. This is said to be a super refreshing beverage that is lovely when paired with gin.


clear glass jar with yellow and red liquid
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Tea doesn’t have to be warm to be sipped on! Organic loose-leaf tea is a great ingredient for making a tasty cocktail, and there are so many flavours to choose from. From green teas to more adventurous teas like lavender – the choices are endless. If you are mixing your cocktails yourself, do consider the brewing times and temperatures as this will impact the taste of the finished product!


vegetable soup with beans and lemon grass
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Not something you would commonly assume to be in a cocktail, however, makes for an excellent ‘stocktail’. This is more of a winter beverage, something that will help you relax and heat you up all at the same time. This drink is an acquired taste, for example like the Beef Broth and Vodka Bull Shot is a spicy tipple. This cocktail can be flavoured to be spicier depending on your preference.

Egg whites

man holding white and blue caucer
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Now, I assumed egg whites belonged in desserts however, I was proven wrong when my friend informed me that this ingredient is used to create a foamy head in some cocktails. Initial thoughts were, salmonella however, eggs with the ‘red lion’ on them means the chicken was vaccinated against the disease. Whisky sour is a popular egg white recipe, however, there are other adventurous options like Lemon Chamomile Spring Cocktail and Charred Grapefruit and Mezcal Paloma Sour for you to explore.


round brown Royal Caviar container
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Yes, the fish eggs. This is most probably reserved for those who like to spend a little on the finer things in life as I doubt this will come at an affordable rate. The Ritz Hotel in London has created a caviar special – The Ritz L’Aperitif using exclusive (and expensive) ingredients.

Whilst looking for caviar recipes of which, I didn’t find many… I did come across a new type of ‘caviar’ inspired by the small poppable spheres – like bubble tea! Obviously, the twist here being the insides are filled with tasty vodka in flavours like strawberry, melon and peach! One for me, please!

These are only a few of the odd ingredients I discovered on my quest to find an exotic tipple for my next girls night out… Which one do you think you would love to try and which one will you be leaving where it belongs?