Adding Value to your Home

June 15, 2016


Source: Diana Parkhouse

I have almost too many good memories to count in the home me and my husband share currently. We lived here together before we were married, and have been living here ever since. Almost every major decision in our lives was born in our home, and yet the day comes for everyone, myself included, to move onto greener pastures when the time is right. Yes, we are finally moving home! We’re not going far, and will still be living in Brighton, but a very major change in our lives has made it more necessary than anything.

As such, and my husband being the miser (and all round money savvy person) that he is, we’ve spent a lot of the past year driving up the cost of our home before finally getting it valued. Whilst this requires money for renovations and such alone, it’s completely worth it to get a better asking price and make your money back on your investments, plus more!

So what are the best ways to drive up the price of a home?


An extension can add tremendous value to a home, depending on how much space is created and how the final product looks. Typically, a spare room or loft is the most favourable place for a conversion, but there’s plenty of justification in extending an existing room and making it larger; buyers will only see this as a positive.

According to research from the website Movewithus, adding an extra room to your home via an extension can add up to 10 percent extra on the existing value of your home. The addition of a conservatory is also a viable way to add value to your home.


The kitchen is a major deciding factor in the quality and value of a home, and will also serve as a representative focal point for any buyers. Kitchens are often subject to wear over the years through frequent use, and as such can become shabby and worn down. Planning to renovate a kitchen can help attract more buyers, as it’s usually the first many home-buyers will replace first, so the easier it is for them, the better.

My husband and I focused on improving our kitchen first, as we knew it would be either an advantage or roadblock to a successful sale. We scouted for bespoke kitchens in Surrey, custom marble tops from Scotland, and even Italian faucets to get the look we desired. I can confirm it was a worthwhile pursuit!


After the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most important room and you should almost certainly dedicate some of your resources to improving it. Whether you change up the style or replace all of the appliances (or both), the bathroom is subject to plenty of wear and tear, so you may find it absolutely necessary to replace before putting your house up for sale.

Aside from the appliances (if they need replacing) there aren’t too many large costs associated with renovating a bathroom. You should focus on the areas and parts that will create the most impact visually, such as tiles, glass screens, taps, and doors. Overall, this is predicted to add around 3 percent extra value to your home.

Garden Improvements

Improvements to your (perhaps neglected) garden is a simple and effective way of both improving the value of your home, and attracting a wider range of buyers who require access to suitable garden. Make sure the garden is actually part of the entire home space; add easily accessible doors and make sure the garden is easily reached via a back gate, and replace it if you have to.

There’s also plenty of renovations you can make to the garden itself, such as adding decking and tending to your lawn and any flowers you may have. If you want to add anything bigger, you may need to apply for planning permission.

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