A Guide to Christmas Presents for Creative Kids!

November 17, 2018

Children are obsessed with technology now, so if they show an interest in being creative off-screen time to take advantage! Anything to get them of the computer and developing their offline skills is a great advantage and will benefit them massively. If they are wanting to get stuck in with painting, drawing or building – encourage that with their Christmas gifts this year!

The Messy Painter

Painting can be a nightmare – especially when kids don’t know the difference between the table and their canvas! Washable poster paints are a godsend and come in a variety of colours. Or you could gift a special pack of lovely paint brushes to help them release their inner Picasso! You can get pain ceramic money boxes in the shape of dinosaurs and unicorns which would be super fun for your little one to decorate. If they already have these bits and bobs what about a cute little apron to keep their clothes from getting messy? There are so many designs and sizes to fit all.

Photo Credit: UnSplash

The All in One

Who remembers art sets? I strangely used to have a Spiderman one (thanks dad) which had all you would ever need to create a master piece! These included little round paint samples to felt tip pens. It would come in a large box that opened like a book to reveal a bright selection of pens, pencils and paints. These are super easy to wrap as well – making your life easier! If you can’t find an art set, you could always create a mini art hamper with a set of pens, pencils and tools they will need to create a masterpiece.

The Experienced Artist

Is your child getting to the point where they are starting to show a real talent for drawing or painting? It might be a good idea to get a special set of tools for them to really flourish with. For example, a beginner set of charcoal could give the3m another medium to experiment with or if they have expressed that they want to stay with pencils for example, a set of personalised pencils or a set of differently graded pencils will help them create beautiful drawings! Alongside this gift, you could give a colouring book or drawing pad which could keep them occupied for hours.

Photo Credit: UnSplash

The Constructing Enthusiast

We’re talking gluing, stacking and taping to create a beautiful statement masterpiece out of used toilet rolls and cereal boxes! Maybe time for a less messy upgrade? A 3D pen is an amazing little tool where they can design 3D structures and figures out of colourful plastic. Here are a list of best 3D pens for kids to use which have great safety features and look super cute too. This option also means a smaller clean-up operation after! Alternatively, you could buy something like Magnetix – not entirely arty but they could have hours of fun trying to build the tallest tower!

These types of gifts are a great way to get the creative juices flowing encourage little ones to embrace their inner artist! Furthermore, these types of activities can help develop their motor skills and responsibility when it comes to cleaning the mess up!!!