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Top Three Skin Saving Tips!

May 14, 2018

I am fast approaching the big three zero and I am already panicking. I know, age is only a number and we should be embracing age gracefully, however I can’t help but feel my skin is starting to show tell-tale signs of aging.

Throughout the years, I have been found guilty of not sleeping enough or not wearing sun cream which is coming back to bite me. However, all is not lost! There are still some ways I could be slowing down and improving my skin… and I thought it would be a wonderful idea to share them with you in this mini guide!

The Essentials

Beauty Sleep

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We hear so much about those crucial eight key hours of shut eye, however many turn a blind eye with late nights (myself included!). But it is during this period that the body’s cell turnover and proper blood flow increases to the skin which helps to repair bodily functions. Interrupting this vital maintenance time can slow these processes and make your skin complexion sallow.

Try to enforce a strict sleeping routine where you are limiting the amount of screen time and hour before you sleep. Also try to go to bed at a relatively early time… I am going to be trying to hit the hay at about 9ish during weekdays!


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We all love a bit of sun on our faces to give us that holiday glow, however as I have touched on… there have been *one too many* times where I have opted for no sun cream in a bid to speed up the process. Unfortunately, instead of a goddess glow, I’ve often been left with red blotches and peeling skin – not a good look!

This is all because of the harmful UV rays the sun emits which penetrate and burn the top layer of skin. The specific wrinkle encouraging rays are called UVA which have a longer wavelength and can damage the collagen which is what keeps our skin tight. Skipping this step can results in hyperpigmentation, ‘sun spots’ and broken blood vessels. Sun cream is a crucial weapon in helping defend your lovely face as the bonds in the cream absorb the UV rays.

I have found that some sun creams that are for face and body leave my face super oily and greasy looking, so often opt for a moisturizer with an SPF of 30.

Antioxidants & Acids

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Also, if you do find yourself a little red around the cheeks from the sun, all is not lost. Antioxidants work great in simulating blood flow and help new cells grow. This goodness can be found in foods and in skincare products and are key for aiding oxidation within the body; essential for reducing and preventing damaged cells. Some of the foods that can help the body protect your cells are lots of greens, avocados and nuts. Ultimately, a healthy balanced diet is a great way to keep your skin bright and your body happy!

For specifically treating the skin, there are plenty of potions and mixes out there to help boost collagen and elastin in your skin like products with retinol which encourages cell turnover. Retinol eye cream is very popular as many begin to see the effect of aging and sun damaged around this area first. Natural ingredients like grape seed and tea extracts also boast healing and anti-inflammatory properties to promote firmer skin.

After all that talk about damaging skin, I doubt that putting acid on your skin is appealing. However, most of these can be found in foods and specifically engineered creams. For example, exfoliating hydroxy acids can help remove layers of dead skins and simulate growth.

With over the counter creams, the ultimate key here is to be patient as there are low levels of acid, around 10%, in these products for safety. With routine and continued use, results should start to show in around 6 months. For almost instant results, you could head to a dermatologist or skin care specialist who can carry out chemical peels which have up to 30% AHA in them.

… And there you have it! These are three things I am going to try to be incorporating into my lifestyle in order to rescue my skin after years of carelessness. Sleeping, suncream and super foods with the help of beauty suitable beauty products… Wish me luck!