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Three Feel Good Wedding Favour Ideas!

February 20, 2018

Wedding favours are a fab way to thank your lovely guests for coming down to celebrate your big day with you. These little tokens of appreciation can be very traditional or a whole lot of unusual to thank all attendees! I love the idea of feel good favours that ‘gift’ back as well as impress your guests. Here are some wedding favour ideas that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and charitable – and will be sure to get your guests talking!

Plantable Goodness

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Inspired by my local Wahaca restaurant in Brighton, this company gift customers a little card of biodegradable matches that include chilli seeds. This is a lovely idea that positively contributes to the environment by encouraging us to grow our own and reducing packaging. The little packages would make fab green wedding favours as you could create thank you cards with recycled paper and include a little bag of seeds that will help your guests unleash their inner Alan Titchmarsh!

On the other hand, have you heard about our bee population being in a long term decline? Time to help nature out! Save the bees and butterflies by gifting seeds that blossom into pollen and nectar hubs for our small friends, like these cute seed bombs. Once in bloom, the pretty flowers will make your guests smile whilst protecting our wildlife.

Ethical and Sustainably Sourced

Photo Credit: Joe’s Tea

In the last year or so I have become more conscious of the origins of the products I buy. I try to buy organic, which Brighton can offer aplenty, and opt for independent brands that are open about their supply chain.

Luckily, there are lots of brands online now that create miniature food and drink gifts from Fair Trade chocolates to ethically sourced matchbox tea bags. What is fantastic about these ideas, is that you can purchase these in bulk direct from Fair Trade chocolate brands and wholesale tea suppliers. I’m a sucker for packaging and personally love the heart shaped chocolates from Divine and the Joe’s Tea Co. matchboxes. Also, having little edible favours will tide your guest over whilst they wait for the best man to finish his speech!

Alternatively, you could approach a local cider or ale maker and decant in to your own glass bottles? This supports a local business and provides a keepsake bottle that guests can reuse for their tipple of choice, reducing plastic waste.

The Gift of Giving

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Instead of a physical Christmas present, my cousin once gifted a lovely donation of essential baby kits to those in need in developing countries on my behalf. This was such a wonderful and charitable idea that could easily transition into a kind wedding favour and there are many options for you to choose, from donating a football to providing safe water. As wedding favours go these are quite expensive to do individually for each person, however you could make one donation that supports a cause and hand write a card to 25 of your guests thanking them for coming and explaining what you have done on their behalf.

An idea I wish I had done at my wedding is to give your guests the choice of which charity they would like to contribute to. Place three jars on a table, each appointed to a different charity, and give each guest a ‘token’ with a monetary value to put in the charity pot which they want to support the most. Perhaps you could even ask them to nominate a charity when they RSVP to give you ideas for your jars? This way you involve your guests in the decision and may even uncover some deserving smaller charities you were not aware of before.

Big or small, giving back in any way, shape or form is a wonderful idea – especially when you are celebrating the happiest day of your like. Make someone else’s day whilst showing a little token of appreciation to your guests for joining your special day with you.