Are You A Groom-To-Be? Read This!

So you’ve done it, you’ve agreed for your favourite person in this entire world, to stay your favourite person forever – until death do you part. Firstly, well done! That probably took a lot of courage. Now, however, the stress is to come! You need to get married.

For women, the pressure on this day is phenomenal: skin, hair, hands, nails, feet, shoes, dress, bouquet, bridesmaids, decorations, venue and so much more need to be carefully considered and arranged before you can even think of enjoying the big day. For men, the pressure is not so apparent, you stand as the support base for this day, but that is no mean feat! Men still have responsibilities before, during and after the wedding but they traditionally have to deal with them calmly and quietly, which is perhaps even more daunting. Continue reading