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How to Throw the Perfect Royal Wedding Party!

March 13, 2018



Now that we have moved into March and the unrelenting ‘Beast from The East’ has passed us by and we have seen the sunshine briefly appear, it’s time to start thinking about planning all of the fabulous fun that only a Royal wedding can bring!

The lovely couple Harry and Megan are set to get married on Saturday 19th May at Kensington Palace –  and if you are anything like me – it is the perfect excuse to throw a Royal Wedding party! No matter what scale of party you are throwing, whether it be organising a street party for your whole neighbourhood, or even just inviting your besties over for a fun and fab celebration and sitting together to watch the wedding of the year, royal wedding parties are always a huge hit!

Just a word of warning though, if your hubby is a football fan, then make sure that you plan and get him to go down the pub! My hubby has told me that there is the FA Cup final on the same day, and you don’t want to end up having a big argument with him as he takes up his position on the sofa with his mates.



1. Speak to your Friends and Neighbours

While a street party is fab and fun idea, it is no always going to be practical due to difficulties in restricting traffic. However, you could create and deliver some leaflets within your local community to see if there is any interest for a group of you to work together and organise a party for the whole community.

You don’t need to spend too much money on this, you can design a simple invitation on your computer and print it off at home. I’d suggest including a picture of the happy couple on your invitation to make it stand out and to appeal to those who are likely to be interested. Make sure that you include your phone number and suggest meeting up for a chit-chat with those who are interested and get the ball rolling!


2. Decide Where You’re Going to Host It

Whether you are throwing your party at home or in the street, try and get each of your guests to bring a bottle (or two!), some nibbles and a plate of this something. This way it means that not one person is responsible for food and drink and most of the expenses.

Make sure that you get organised and get some folding tables and folding chairs sorted out so that you are not having to carry heavy furniture around! To save on washing up I would recommend buying plastic plates and cups to save on clearing up afterwards!




3. Get Decorating & Dress Up

I’m sure that it goes without saying that you want to decorate in a patriotic style, so get the red, white and blue bunting out! Throw in loads of colourful of balloons and confetti and you’re all set to go! If you are looking to be super-patriotic, you could go for one of these Union Jack folding tables, which I’m sure your guests will love!

There’s no need to stop there though, if there is ever a time for fancy dress then this is it! If you’re looking to have a bit of fun, then why not suggest holding a competition where those who wish to take part can dress up as their favourite royal? Each person planning on entering could put a few pounds towards a prize fund for the winner.

4. The Food & Drink

As I mentioned earlier, you should look for each person to bring something along as a contribution, but there are several items that are so quintessentially British (or adopted by us), that they can truly be considered Royal wedding party staples! Make sure that you have the following items covered:

  • Pimms
  • Prosecco
  • A range of sandwiches
  • Fairy cakes
  • Scones with jam and clotted cream

You should also look to cater for those not drinking and make sure that you have someone bringing soft drinks, and if you are hosting it at your home, plenty of fresh tea for those looking for a cuppa.

As the stunning Megan is from the USA, a nice touch would be to add an American theme to your party and include some American food such as hot dogs. If you are feeling adventurous, why not have a go at this succulent pumpkin pie that will be sure to go down a treat!